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Venacava creates brand identity and logo for AI-powered chatbot ‘Flyfish’

Flyfish gives the brand a smart salesperson that can play the role of a product advisor

Venacava Designs has created the brand identity and logo for AI-powered chatbot ‘Flyfish’ by

Flyfish gives the brand a smart salesperson that can play the role of a product advisor.

Upon being asked about what made them choose Venacava design, Shridhar Marri, CEO of Senseforth Ai, said, “As for someone like Manoj who has 25 years of work experience in this industry, I was drawn to Venacava due to their reputation, expertise, and quality of work in their field. The brief that I provided to the team at Venacava emphasised the importance of a clear vision for the brand of Flyfish, and outlined specific expectations for how the brand should look and feel in order to achieve our desired goals.”

Manoj Deb, Founder and Specialist Branding, Strategy and Design at Venacava Designs, stated, “To describe the brand identity of Flyfish, we can use adjectives like smooth, unreal, empathetic, Progressive, and Smart AI. Flyfish presents a highly versatile, easy-to-use, easy-to-set-up technology that meets industry standards and we tried to inculcate these features in the logo.”

“The logo is a combination logo. Our logo icon is a fish that can fly, almost unimaginable, just like an AI chatbot acting like a human, solving problems. We depict the icon as a symbol for the brand’s unreal capabilities. We have added a smooth gradient flowing through the icon, signifying the versatility and ease of performing with flyfish technology. The monogram designed by us shows all the advances of flyfish through the sleek line, smooth gradient and colour that gives a human touch.”

“The colours used are a mix of pink and purple and white. These colours signify softness and empathy. We are representing that insight of the brand in the most precise and creative way”

He added “It is always a challenge to bring an unrelatable idea into reality, but when we are done with the design process and see the end result, it all makes sense. Empathy is one feature that is a must in a person who interacts with customers. Flyfish technology makes it easier for businesses to be there for their customers 24/7 and helps them in a customised manner which is symbolised by the smooth transition of colours. The typography used for the logo is an evergreen font ‘Montserrat’. The simplicity and ease of use depicts the simple and interactive interface of Flyfish. we customised a few letters to suit the brand’s characteristics.”

“We also worked on brand’s UI design, the interface is modern and simple. The UI represent essence of Flyfish’s cutting edge technology. Easy to navigate and precisely placed elements help in easy interaction.”

Marri concluded, “We are very pleased with the quality-of-service Venacava provided. The team lead by Manoj is responsive, prompt, and professional. Thank you for your attention detail and we would like to take this opportunity to offer our compliments for your design services and look forward to working with you in future again.”

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