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VIP says no association with viral video; terms it ‘fake and malicious’

The video, purporting to be an ad for VIP bags, showcases a ‘Muslim’ man removing the ‘bindi’ from a ‘Hindu’ woman’s forehead which seems to have hurt the religious sentiments of a few

VIP Industries has issued a clarification against the recent viral video which surfaced around Eid, purporting to be an ad, and stated that it is outright ‘fake and malicious’.

In fact, as per the brand, the company has not released this video and it does not have any connection with the person/s who released it.

The video, which seemed to be an ad video for VIP, featured a ‘Muslim’ man handing over a ‘suit’ to a ‘Hindu’ woman with both of them exchanging glances and showing that they are in love.

However, in the video, the ‘Muslim’ man also removes the ‘bindi’ from the ‘Hindu’ woman’s forehead and covers her head with a ‘Dupatta’, which is perceived to be a ‘Hijaab’ by a few, which hurt the religious sentiments of the public.

“VIP Industries would like to clarify that a video purporting to be VIP Advertisement is outright fake and malicious. The video is being circulated on various social media platforms and microblogging sites and the creator of this fake video has unlawfully used VIP Industries and Sky Bags brand names to tarnish the image of our company, business, and brand names VIP and Sky Bags,” the brand’s clarification statement read.

It also went on to point out that as a company, VIP Industries has taken the issue of fraudulent advertising seriously and has therefore filed multiple complaints with police in Mumbai and Kerala for inappropriate usage of VIP Trade name (VIP and Sky Bags). 

In fact, the brand has also requested Meta India (owners of Facebook and Instagram) to remove the video with immediate effect.

“Our official website and social media pages are the only legitimate sources of information regarding our brand, products and advertisements,” the statement added.

A fact-checking social media handle, ‘D-Intent Data’, also revealed the names of the actors seen in the video.

Here is a tweet thread on the recent controversy:

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