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Pulse’s ‘Courtroom’ TVC highlights the craving for the candy

The TVC has been conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson, Delhi, and directed by Rajesh Krishnan

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Dharampal Satyapal Foods, a part of DS Group, has launched a new TVC for Pass Pass Pulse, the hard-boiled candy, titled, ‘Courtroom’.

Reiterating the core communication of the brand, ‘Pran Jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye’ in a light-hearted courtroom drama setting, the TVC features Saurabh Shukla and Abhishek Banerjee in the role of a judge and a lawyer respectively, trying to unfold a case with Pulse as the key evidence. 

This new TVC is a humorous take on a courtroom situation that highlights how the craving to have a Pulse can make people go to any lengths.

The TVC has been conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson, Delhi, and directed by Rajesh Krishnan. 

We see the Lawyer (Abhishek Banerjee) telling the Judge (Saurabh Shukla) about the evidence, a Pulse Candy left at a crime scene by the accused. Showing it to everyone present in the court, he asks who it belongs to. The craving for the candy is such that everyone raises their hands, including the Judge. But the clever lawyer outsmarted everyone by popping it in his mouth before anyone could grab it.

Arvind Kumar, General Manager, Marketing, Dharampal Satyapal Foods, said, “‘Irresistibility’ is the core product philosophy of pulse. The behavioural insight of the consumers indicated that Pulse consumers don’t want to share their Pulse candy with anyone. We have built on this premise over the years through our communication Campaigns revolving around the theme, ‘Pran Jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye’. This latest TVC also highlights the irresistibility of Pulse in a humorous courtroom drama where everyone present, including the Judge is willing to be labelled as an accused, just to get their hands on Pulse candy.”

Sundeep Sehgal, Vice-President and ECD, Wunderman Thompson, said, “Over the years ‘Pran Jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye’ commercials have gained a separate fan base due to their whacky plots and masaledaar twists. And people want more. So, this time we took Tangy Twist a notch higher to increase brand love. We developed crazier stories. We roped in acting powerhouses – Saurabh Shukla and Abhishek Banerjee to take you on a never been before masaledaar journey that you’ll relish for a long time.”

The campaign is live on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and OTTs.

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