ABP News delivers strong numbers on digital in Exit Poll coverage

The channel proves its dominance in election coverage and continues to be the second largest player after Aaj Tak during Exit Poll in terms of average concurrent viewership on YouTube

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ABP News delivers strong numbers on digital in Exit Poll coverage

Even as the new ratings system introduced after the alleged TRP scam has thrown new leaders in the news genre, the legacy channels continue their dominance in election coverage including exit poll and vote counting.

During the exit poll on Thursday between 5 pm and 9 pm, ABP News held No. 2 position when it comes to average concurrent viewership of all live feeds.

Earlier today, reported that ABP News was at No. 2 with an average concurrent viewership of 40k through the four hours.

Additionally, the ABP Network claimed that it witnessed 300k+ concurrent users across 8 language websites observed during the peak exit poll coverage between 6 pm to 9 pm.

The network also witnessed a steep rise in viewership and engagement on its Connect TV and ABPLIVE Apps.

According to Firebase Analytics, 2.7 mn+ screen views & 15.5 screen views per user were recorded on ABPLIVE Apps on 30 Nov 2023.

Talking about CTV App, ABP said that it witnessed 5x increment in concurrent viewers during the exit poll coverage compared to the general coverage days.

Additionally, 15 lakh viewership minutes recorded across the Connect TV channels for ABP Network on 30 Nov 2023.

As per Amagi Analytics, the average view duration per viewer increased by 30% to 9 minutes per viewer during the Exit poll coverage peak hours.

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