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Here’s what brands have been up to for uniting audiences and illuminating lives this Diwali

From Amazon's poignant tale of familial love in 'This Diwali #DeliverTheLove' to HP India's inspiring narrative of going digital in 'Lighting Up Lives' and much more, advertisers are leveraging storytelling to forge profound emotional connections fostering unity, compassion, and the spirit of celebration

As the nation eagerly anticipates the joyous festivities of Diwali, India's advertising realm has transformed into a vibrant showcase of creativity and cultural expression. From heartwarming tales that extol the virtues of familial bonds to ingenious marketing strategies designed to encapsulate the essence of the Festival of Lights, a myriad of brands have seized the opportunity to engage consumers on a profound emotional level.

Amidst an economy gradually recovering from pandemic challenges, Diwali ad campaigns carry significant stakes, acting as a conduit for brands to forge deep emotional connections and instil a sense of hope and optimism among consumers.  Under the spotlight of the Diwali season, brands across diverse industries are leaving no stone unturned in crafting meticulously tailored campaigns that speak directly to the hearts and minds of the Indian populace.

From the eloquent portrayal of age-old customs to the integration of contemporary themes that mirror the evolving societal fabric, advertisers are leveraging the power of storytelling to forge an emotional connection with their target audience and navigating the intricate nuances of Indian culture, seeking to evoke a sense of nostalgia, unity, and festive exuberance within the hearts of consumers nationwide.

Here’s a list of Diwali-Centric ad campaigns that caught our attention:

Amazon India

Building on the festive fervour which makes people head towards their home, away from the hustle and bustle of lives, and the joy it brings to the kins, Amazon India has come up with a heartfelt Diwali campaign that hits the emotional chord with the public for all the right seasons.

The ad campaign, titled- This Diwali #DeliverTheLove, opens up with a girl getting her mother a present from Amazon, a Kindle in this case as her mother is in love with reading books, and the mother talking about how her daughter hasn’t been there at home for the festivity for the past two years.

On paying a surprise visit to her home, the girl hands over the gift to her mother but the mother doesn’t open it as for her, there could’ve been no present better than celebrating Diwali with her daughter.

Campaign film-

HP India

It is a commonly known fact that Diwali is festival of lights and prosperity, but not all people enjoy the same fate. While some are patient and look forward to growth with the world going digital, there are some who find it struggling to cope up with today’s world. And that is precisely what HP India has showcased in its ad campaign for Diwali.

The ad campaign opens with an old couple discussing about their plan to shut their shop as they struggle to keep it going and questioning whether it is Lordess Lakshmi who is unpleased with them. Just then enters a young girl, one of the old lady’s friend’s granddaughter, into the picture who enthusiastically pays a visit to the shop.

The old lady then tells the girl the story of how the shop was set up and is now going to get closed and hands over a piece of garment to the girl who then keeps it in her bag and takes out her laptop. Seeing this, the old lady asks her if everything is possible on the internet and it strikes the girl that maybe going digital would keep the shop running, and it does, in a beautiful way.

The campaign ends on a very coincidental yet meaningful note as the girl's name gets revealed when the old lady’s husband asks her for it and thanks her for bringing light to their lives.


McDonald's India

McDonald’s India – North and East is capturing the essence of Diwali with a twist by launching a digital film titled "Celebrating #ForyourotherDiwali" which showcases the joy of celebrating the festival of lights in a unique way, with the all-new special Wraps.

Conceptualised by DDB Mudra Group, North, the film opens in a Delhi neighbourhood colony on Diwali night. Two teenage friends arrive on the scene, a McDonald’s bag in their hands, clearly looking for someone. They are being guided by a third friend over the phone towards a basket hanging by a rope. They load the bag in the basket, and it rises towards the building’s roof, being pulled up by their friend. We now see that he is in a special meeting with a girl on the terrace.

As the couple enjoys their McDonald’s wraps, a tender moment unfolds between them under the velvet sky, punctuated by sparkling fireworks. The perfect setting for an Other Diwali moment celebrated with McDonald’s Value Wraps.


Amaze, a Luminous Power Technologies brand, has also launched an emotional short film #Amazewalidiwali to celebrate the festive spirit of Diwali which has been thoughtfully crafted to capture the true essence of the festival, with a focus on the significance of family unity and the art of reconciliation.

Conceptualised and executed by Bodh Entertainment, Amaze, via this ad campaign, intends to touch the hearts of viewers and inspire them to embrace the essence of Diwali, fostering love, understanding, and harmony within their families.

The central theme of the campaign revolves around a touching father-son story, portraying a generational gap and the eventual mending of their relationship during Diwali, a time when families come together to celebrate. The film skillfully illustrates a powerful analogy between the entangled mirchi lights and the complexities of human relationships, highlighting how both can be untangled with care, giving the message of love and unity. Just as untangling mirchi lights requires patience and effort, relationships can also be mended with genuine communication and understanding, embodying the true spirit of Diwali.


Asian Paints

Asian Paints has launched a new campaign for the upcoming Festival of Lights. The ‘Mera Wala Mood’ campaign is a concept that embodies the essence of Diwali and explores the deep connection between emotions, colours, and homes, featuring a tech-intervention.

Extending the ‘Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai’ thought, the new tech-integrated ‘Mera Wala Mood’ campaign conceptualised by Ogilvy, carries forward this tradition with a new level of emotional depth.


Greenlam Industries

Greenlam Industries has launched a brand-new digital film this Diwali, shining a light on ‘inner beauty’ and urging viewers to ‘Beautify the Inside’.

The film, conceptualised and directed by The Titus Upputuru Company encapsulates that when beauty exists on the inside, it will transcend all bounds to show on the outside too.

Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries, said, “At Greenlam, we are constantly improving our services to offer the best surfacing solutions while being committed to providing elegant, beautiful spaces for every aesthetic and mood. We truly believe that when beauty lies on the inside, it cannot be contained from shining on the outside too, and that holds true for not just

people but spaces as well. Through this film, we want to convey the message that Greenlam aims to beautify the inside of one’s spaces, both residential and commercial, so that they are beautiful both on the inside and outside.”


Wipro Lighting

As the radiant festival of Diwali approaches, Experience Commerce, a part of the Cheil Digital Network and the digital agency for Wipro Lighting, has unveiled its latest Diwali campaign for the brand which captures two captivating digital films within the framework of their ongoing #surprisinglyhuman campaign, crafted to highlight the innovative features of Wipro Lighting’s Smart Products.

The heartwarming films capture Wipro Lighting's commitment to seamlessly infusing innovation into the fabric of daily life and the spirit of Diwali celebrations. In the first film, a young boy astounds his father by effortlessly transforming an ordinary device into a smart one using the Smart Plug. In the second film, he dazzles his eccentric grandfather with the brilliance of Smart Bulbs, capable of painting your world with a palette of 16 million colours, setting the stage for remarkable decorations.

Watch the films here-

Ashwin Sheth Group

Real estate industry company, Ashwin Sheth Group, to illuminate this year's Diwali celebrations has come up with an ad campaign that resonates deeply with the values of compassion. Ideated and conceptualised by the company itself, titled ‘Mute the Noise BUT Not the Celebration’, the campaign is a heartfelt initiative and a tribute to the sustainable essence of Diwali.

The campaign seeks to inspire homebuyers and citizens to celebrate Diwali in a humane manner– a sustainable and safe Diwali, a festival that ushers in light and joy, as PAWS (Pet Animals Welfare Society) finds hundreds of animals suffering from fear and injuries due to the noise pollution caused by firecrackers.

Animal shelters witness an increase in the number of runaway and lost pets, who are scared, anxious, nervous, and often burnt. In a world where we light up our homes, indulge in shopping, cherish traditions, and set off fireworks to mark the occasion, it's easy to forget that our pets also have their unique way of celebrating. For them, the essence of this festive season lies in one simple expectation – kindness and compassion.

Watch the film here-

Luminous Power Technologies

Luminous Power Technologies has launched a new Diwali campaign titled #Illuminatinglives. The campaign captures Diwali’s essence while emphasising the importance of spreading joy in the lives of those who selflessly brighten our lives all year around.

Conceptualised and executed by AutumnGrey, the core theme of Luminous’ #Illuminatinglives campaign whose core theme revolves around Diwali being all aboutt illuminating lives’, the film encourages people to come together as a community and help those who may need a helping hand.


Runwal Group

Announcing the launch of their Diwali brand film, ‘Where New Stories Begin’, Runwal Group’s film talks about the joy of having grand Diwali celebrations which families in the city miss out on. It showcases how having a spacious home in a gated community enables children to enjoy the festivities with the grandeur they deserve.

The ad tells tale a heartwarming story that revolves around a family's journey to a better home, fulfilling their dreams of a superior life, and the bonds that strengthen as a result. Opening with a touching scene featuring a child making a list of crackers for Diwali, the child’s mother takes him on a journey down memory lane and shares her own childhood experiences of celebrating Diwali, highlighting the significance of celebrating the Festival of Lights with your near and dear ones. The child expresses how he does not get to celebrate Diwali with the same fanfare. The father turns the dejection into celebration as he showcases his plans to buy a beautiful home in one of the lifestyle townships of Runwal Group.

The campaign-

Boch & Fernsh for Western Union and EbixCash

Boch & Fernsh for Western Union and EbixCash have come up with the 'Khule Dil Wali Diwali' film as the company wanted the audiences to be just aware- that sometimes, extending our social life can begin from the place we live and the community we thrive in.

The campaign touches upon how during Diwali, people keep their home door open to welcome Laxmi goddess, but by opening the door to their hearts, they can let in those, who might not be your loved ones but let them embrace the heart’s warmth.



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