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Colors Gujarati to present line-up of superhit movies in 2023

It begins with the premiere of ‘Jayshuk Jadpayo’, which will be aired on January 21 at 8pm on Colors Gujarati Cinema, and on January 22 at 8.30 pm on Colors Gujarati

Colors Gujarati Cinema and Colors Gujarati is all set to present blockbuster premieres in the new year to delight the audience.

With films from across genres - including action, romance, drama - the curated line-up will offer something to satiate the entertainment needs of every cinephile.

The line-up will startin with ‘Jayshuk Jadpayo’, which will premiere on January 21 at 8 pm on Colors Gujarati Cinema and on January 22 at 8.30 pm on Colors Gujarati.

It will be followed by ‘Sonu Tane Mara Par Bharosho Nao Ke’ which will premiere on February 25 at 8 pm on Colors Gujarati Cinema and February 26 at 8.30 pm on Colors Gujarati.

The third movie ‘Dhunvadhar’ will premiere on March 11 at 8 pm on Colors Gujarati Cinema and March 12 at 8.30 pm on Colors Gujarati. 

Jayshuk Jadpayo is comedy movie. This is the story of a guy name Jaysukh, whose father has left tremendous amount of debt on him, while he is single earning person, and he must repay back his father’s debt. Jaysukh comes to Ahmedabad city and gets a job in firm; he falls in love with Jigna his co-worker. And from here story takes new turn. Why Jaysukh’s boss fires him and how he will be going solves these problems, is the fun, entertaining story of the movie. 

Sonu Tane Mara Par Bharosho Nao Ke is the story of a middle-class family which buys a LCD TV from Chor Bazar but unfortunately the TV doesn't start. So, Kartik tries to repair the TV and when he opens it, he finds Gold Coins in it. The vicious circle starts when Kartik handovers the gold to police for 10% commission and the smuggler reaches Kartik's house and then the story is about how hilarious that ride of a family how they handle the situation. 

Dhunvadhar is a thriller movie where everything changes for Aarav when he gets involved in a road accident. One wrong decision takes him on a journey darker than his wildest dreams. Loved by a caring father, pampered by a loyal friend, and chased by a vigilant cop, will Aarav be able to find redemption?

The movie line-up will be promoted on home channel and the channel will also explore promotions via reach and engagement activities through digital media. Audience will get to interact with the lead casts as well as through social media pages of the channel.

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