Navigating the DPDP 2023: A marketer's guide in the new era of data

Girish Bindal, Chief Marketing Officer, Advantage Club, writes that the recent Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 is all about consent, accuracy, and letting go of data when it's served its purpose

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Navigating the DPDP 2023: A marketer's guide in the new era of data

Girish Bindal

If you're anything like me, you've probably had your nose deep in the recent Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill of 2023, trying to decipher what it means for our campaigns and strategies. The jargon can be dense, but here's a down-to-earth breakdown, drawing on our day-to-day marketing experiences. 

So, What's the Big Deal? 

Simply put, this bill changes how we've been accessing and using consumer data. It's all about consent, accuracy, and letting go of data when it's served its purpose. In our world, where we used to say "data is king," this bill is a gentle reminder to treat that king with respect. 

What's changing in targeted advertising? 

Remember those days when we'd get data bundles and target our ads based on interests, behaviours, and past purchases? With DPDP 2023, it's not business as usual. 

  • All about the consent: No more broad strokes! Every individual's data we use needs their explicit thumbs up. This could mean shorter lists, but imagine the engagement levels when you know everyone on that list genuinely opted in. 
  • Clean data, better engagement: Instead of massive pools of data, we might be looking at cleaner, more accurate ponds. Imagine crafting campaigns where bounce rates are lower just because the data is more dependable. 
  • Trust is the new currency: When users know you're looking out for their data rights, they're more likely to engage with your brand—ever had a chat with a customer who loved how transparent you were about their data? I see a lot more of those chats happening! 

Old is gold: Contextual advertising's comeback 

Gone might be the days when you could precisely target that 27-year-old who loves hiking, coffee, and indie music. But remember the classic style? Positioning our brand where the content aligns? Like placing those sporty sneaker ads on a marathon training blog? Yep, that's making a comeback! 

A thought for SMEs

For the big players, recalibrating strategies with huge teams might be easier. But for our SME friends, it's trickier. Remember the times we relied on third-party data to kickstart our campaigns? Now's the time to get more inventive and perhaps more personal in our outreach. 

Wrapping it up

There's a bit in the bill about government agencies and certain exemptions. I'm keeping a close eye on this; not entirely sure how it will roll out, especially when we're thinking of partnerships or campaigns in that direction. 

Look, change is always daunting. But we're marketers. We adapt, evolve, and come out stronger. The DPDP 2023 might seem like a hurdle now, but I see it as an opportunity. It's time for more authentic, trust-based marketing. 

And if you have any cool strategies to tackle these changes, drop a comment. Till the next update, keep those creative juices flowing and remember: It's not just about the data; it's about the people behind it.

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