In-depth: Will “Threads” be a refuge for brands unhappy with Twitter?

While most of the advertisers are praising the launch of Twitter rival Threads, a few also suggest caution before jumping on the bandwagon

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In-depth: Will “Threads” be a refuge for brands unhappy with Twitter?

Facebook-parent Meta's Threads is being seen as a formidable rival to Twitter. The app has passed 30 million sign-ups on day one of the launch, Zuckerberg shared on his verified Threads account.

According to news reports, Twitter has threatened legal action against Meta for its text-based app. Although Musk has not directly tweeted about the possible legal action, he has replied to several snarky takes on the Threads launch.

The advantage of using Threads is the 500-character limit, surpassing Twitter's 280-character limit. Additionally, Threads allows for posting 5-minute-long videos, whereas Twitter restricts non-verified users to 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Prabhu Ram

"Threads has the potential to be a formidable rival to Twitter, setting itself apart from previous challengers that struggled to attract users. Threads started strong with a ready user base ported from Instagram. With even a fraction of the Instagram monthly active user base of over 2 billion, Threads has the potential to rival Twitter in terms of audience size," Prabhu Ram, head of the Industry Intelligence Group at marketing consultancy CyberMedia Research said.

Ranjeev Vij

"Considering that many Gen Z users are Instagrammers first or Instagrammers only, we will see them adopting Threads and leveraging its Twitter-like functionalities," Advertising agency TBWAndia executive director Ranjeev Vij said.

Tanvi Bosmia

Tanvi Bosmia, Associate Account Director, SoCheers, said that the platform allows users to import all their Instagram followers, which proves highly beneficial for brands with a strong presence on Instagram compared to Twitter. “This presents exciting opportunities for brands to engage with their audience on Threads,” she said.

Avanish Agarwal

Avanish Agarwal, Consulting CMO, Smaaash, commented, “This app, designed specifically for sharing photos and videos with close friends, has great potential for assisting marketers in developing stronger connections with their target market. Marketers' viewpoints will soon be altered by the Threads app, which they may make use of to strengthen their brand.”

Meet Jatakia

Meet Jatakia, Director of Branding and Marketing, Cossouq, believes that the launch of Threads is a noteworthy development for online marketplaces as the app focuses more on close friends and real connections making it a perfect fit for the way people shop today. “E-commerce brands are also keen on exploring the potential of Threads as its close-knit community can help foster personalised interaction leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.”

She went on to share, “By leveraging the vast user base and powerful algorithm of Instagram, the new user-friendly platform will help businesses in reaching the right target audience. For example, it can be used to share behind-the-scenes content, product launches, and other updates with customers. In turn, the users can also share their reactions, and opinions, and provide brands with some constructive feedback.”

Not just e-commerce, even the e-learning industry has high hopes for the platform, Vimesh Dedhia, Co-founder, Acadzo, thinks that Threads can be viewed as a great opportunity for the e-learning industry as it is designed to be more personal and private than other platforms. “This makes it a good fit for online educational platforms, which often need to share key insights and updates with their students. With the help of the new microblogging site, online educational brands can create more distinctive and engaging content that will resonate with their students. They can strategise the use of Threads to build stronger relationships with learners by holding conversations over different educational topics and creating a more supportive learning environment,” said Dedhia.

Hitarth Dadia

Although, advertisers should exercise caution when approaching the current buzz. It is crucial to allow the app to naturally grow and establish its user base before contemplating promotional strategies, as per Hitarth Dadia, CMO and Partner at Nofiltr. Group.

He said, “Instead of directly promoting brands through other users on threads, it is advisable to engage by participating in conversations, sharing pertinent content, and emulating brands that create light-hearted posts. Monitoring user demographics and evaluating the trajectory of threads after at least seven days is recommended. The primary metric to examine is the extent to which new users, who have previously not engaged in text-based expression on any platform, embrace threads and encourage others to join.”

However, some users also complained of slow posting and missing the option of saving or sharing the post on Threads.

Users also pointed out that one may need to delete the Instagram account in order to go off the Threads platform. The platform gives an option of deactivating or taking a break in the 'Accounts' section.

Meta spokesperson said, "At this time, you can't delete your Threads profile without deleting your Instagram account. This is something we're working on. In the meanwhile, you can deactivate your Threads profile at any time."

Naman Surana

As per Naman Surana, National Business Director, FoxyMoron, Zoo Media, the intriguing rivalry between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk has sparked speculation about their motives, captivating both consumers and marketers alike. “While it remains uncertain whether this tactic aims to fuel competition or pave the way for a future merger, one thing is certain: this strategic move is generating remarkable attention and engagement,” he concluded.

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