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Interactive Avenues uses AI-generated creatives to help brands jump on 'Barbenheimer' bandwagon

The agency crafted some social media posts tailored to each brand's identity and fundamental messages, harnessing the movies' popularity

Over the past weeks, global brands have been capitalising on the hype generated by the Hollywood blockbusters "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer." Interactive Avenues, a digital agency and the digital arm of IPG Mediabrands India utilised AI-generated imagery to support various brands across industries in fueling the frenzy surrounding the combination of "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer," which they referred to as 'Barbenheimer.'

The agency crafted some social media posts tailored to each brand's identity and fundamental messages, harnessing the movies' popularity to amplify excitement. Here's a glimpse of their approach:

  1. Vim

For HUL’s VIM, the agency leveraged AI art to celebrate the joy of #OwnYourChores and reiterate that washing utensils is for all members of the household – even Ken!

  1. Mahindra AdventuRush

With the growing popularity of AI, the agency helped Mahindra AdventuRush imagine Barbie and Ken on some exciting couple adventures they offer to travellers – right from camping and paragliding to safaris and more.

  1. Epic Condoms

Epic Condoms wanted to ride the Barbie wave with its own twist. So, the agency said that it created a Barbie-themed fictional product of Epic proportions.

“We used the iconic - ‘This Barbie is…’ trend to create our own signature topical that made an impact with our audience, driving more than 42,000 engagements,” Interactive Avenues said.

  1. Voltas Beko

“Barbie’s world is typically perceived as perfect. Building on this concept, we wove in the Barbie narrative for Voltas Beko by showcasing how their washing machine’s Fast+ technology gets clothes perfectly clean and enables users to get dolled up for a party, in minutes,” the agency stated.

  1. Dish TV

According to Interactive Avenues, DishTV often utilises Bollywood memes to its advantage and with Barbie trending on social media, the agency took a different route than pink and girly.

It went desi and focused on the brand’s filmy tone. Leveraging a scene from the Bollywood superhit, ‘Welcome’, the agency depicted how someone would react when asked by a friend to watch ‘Barbie’ with him.

  1. Great Learning

Interactive Avenues tapped the Barbenheimer buzz to showcase the emotional duality people feel at work on Friday and Monday.

  1. ITC Bingo! Tedhe Medhe

“Bingo! Tedhe Medhe has always believed in creating trends rather than following them. We took this opportunity to showcase how someone who enjoys Tedhe Medhe is unbothered by changing trends as they have their own constant one – #EatPhirRepeat,” the agency stated.

Shantanu Sirohi, COO, Interactive Avenues, said, “Our dedicated creative team worked passionately to channel the excitement surrounding Hollywood blockbusters "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer” for Interactive Avenues’ portfolio of leading brands. With these posts, each brand's unique essence was thoughtfully brought to life, delivering innovative, quirky content that resonated with audiences and left a lasting impact."

As per Interactive Avenues, these posts helped their brands create awareness, elevate engagement and drive relevance among their respective target audiences.

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