ChatGPT emerges as the clear winner in McDonald's vs Burger King billboard battle

These competing billboards from McDonald's and Burger King have been placed next to each other in Brazil

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ChatGPT emerges as the clear winner in McDonald's vs Burger King billboard battle

ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that has gained significant attention online over the past few months, is now beginning to make its presence felt in the corporate world too. In a recent incident in Brazil, fast-food giants McDonald's and Burger King were found blowing their respective trumpets in adjacent billboards featuring ChatGPT-generated responses. 

The advertisements showcased ChatGPT referring to McDonald's Big Mac as the most "iconic burger" and Burger King's Whopper as "the biggest.” 

It appears that Burger King's billboard is a response to McDonald's recent launch of a broader campaign centred around the chatbot's response.

McDonald's had leveraged ChatGPT to design a billboard posing the question, "What is the most iconic burger in the world?" In response, Burger King countered with its own billboard, raising the subsequent query, "And which burger is the largest?"

“While there are many iconic burgers around the world, the most globally recognised burger is likely the McDonal's Big Mac. First introduced in 1967, the Big Mac has become synonymous with fast food and McDonald's itself. The burger consists of two beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and the signature "special sauce" served on a three-part sesame seed bun. The Big Mac is so iconic that it even has its own measurement index, the Big Mac Index, which is an informal way of comparing the purchasing power of different currencies,” ChatGPT stated in a response to McDonald’s question. 

On the other hand, the AI chatbot responded to Burger King’s query with, “Burger King's 'Whopper' is the biggest in terms of size and amount of ingredients. The burger is known for its generous size, and consists of a flame-grilled beef patty, sesame seed bun, cheese, tomato, pickles, onion, mayonnaise, and ketchup. It is considered a robust and satisfying burger, that is an option for those who want a more substantial meal. However, it is important to note that the size and number of ingredients may vary by country or region.”

These competing billboards between McDonald's and Burger King highlight the emerging trends and moment marketing opportunities in the advertising industry. With the rise of digital media and platforms like social media, marketers are exploring new ways to engage audiences and create memorable experiences. 

Leveraging current events or creating witty campaigns that tap into the cultural zeitgeist has become a popular strategy, enabling brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level and generate buzz around their products or services.

Billboard advertisements are rapidly gaining popularity as a preferred marketing tool on social media due to the continuous stream of creative content emerging each day.

Earlier this year, BlinkIt and Zomato took to Instagram to post their ‘insta collab featuring a billboard collab’ and kickstarted a contest through their story, wherein they extended an invitation to other brands to pick up on the trend and use their creative geekiness to latch on to it.

While the image showcased the BlinkIt hoarding stating ‘Doodh Mangoge, Doodh Denge’, it was Zomato’s hoarding which mentioned ‘Kheer Mangoge, Kheer Denge’ which actually completed the iconic dialogue in a witty Zomato-BlinkIt way.

Keeping up the social media banter, several brands picked up on the trend and posted their own versions of the dialogue which were later even reposted on the story section of both Zomato and BlinkIt handles.

Some of the many brands that gave their personalised touch to the creative posted by BlinkIt and Zomato included - Netflix, Prega News, iTel, Astral Pipes, Yubi, McCain, etc.

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