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Value 360 Communications and RepIndia join hands to form new entity ‘RepValue’

RepValue aims to offer clients and brands an advanced mechanism for superior, real-time reputation management insights and solutions

Value 360 Communications, the comms-tech firm, and RepIndia, the independent communication firm, have joined hands to form a new entity named RepValue.

RepValue will offer clients and brands an advanced mechanism for superior, real-time reputation management insights and solutions. The combined synergy of RepIndia and Value 360’s capabilities will enable clients to enhance their reputation and brand communication matrix. The advisory board for RepValue will be announced soon. 

RepValue will focus on creating a crossover of digital reputation management to build holistic, full-service, insight lead and outcome-based brand reputation solutions. The ambit will span tech-backed capabilities, including creative innovation, content creation, online branding, crisis management, social listening, and round the clock response management, CRM, SEO, social media, corporate communication, and perception management, to bolster the online reputation and presence for key brands.

Ayesha Chenoy

Ayesha Chenoy, Chairperson and Founder, RepIndia, said, "I’m excited to partner with Value 360. We have a common vision, ethics and a proven track record and reputation. What the market needs today is a single strategic, seamless solution. Reputation management is not reactive, but proactive. We need to own our narrative. Every piece of communication needs to go through a reputation filter, every brand issue needs to be managed before it becomes a crisis. This is the first solution that will make the brands future ready, in a world where everything can change in a minute.” 

Kunal Kishore

Kunal Kishore, Founder Director, Value 360 Communications, said, "Both Value 360 Communications and RepIndia have charted similar growth trajectories in the communications and digital space. In a world witnessing strong integration of comms and digital, the two powerhouses will together bring in a solution for Indian organisations that can lead to effective reputation management. In a digital-first world where online conversations impact the sentiment around a brand, we will offer a comprehensive solution that draws strengths from both and raises the bar in reputation management."

Archit Chenoy

Archit Chenoy, CEO, RepIndia, said, "The strategy will be based on the fundamental needs of the business and brand, and the partners will ensure economies of scale not only in terms of pricing but also in efficiency and quality so as to protect shareholder values.”

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