Hansa Research's IPLomania report 2023 reveals TV viewership ahead of OTT, but dual viewership most popular choice

The report also reveals that Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, and Royal Challengers Bangalore are the most liked by fans

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Hansa Research's IPLomania report 2023 reveals TV viewership ahead of OTT, but dual viewership most popular choice

TV viewership continues to be the primary driving force behind IPL viewership, with 33% of viewers tuning in solely on TV, while only 10% of viewers watch exclusively on OTT platforms, as per Hansa Research’s IPLomania Report 2023.

Dual viewership, however, remains the most popular choice for IPL viewership, with 57% of viewers opting for it, as per the report.

It also points out that TV viewers have a better recall of IPL features than OTT viewers, with 59% of recall for the Super Sixes feature on TV and 54% on OTT.

The study's findings also shed light on the fascinating relationship between IPL fans and their favourite players. A whopping 40% of the fans are driven by their adoration for specific players when it comes to supporting the team. This underscores the influence of players in shaping the perceptions and loyalties of IPL fans.

Moreover, despite the inclusion of two new teams namely Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants, Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, and Royal Challengers Bangalore remain the top favoured teams in IPL 2023, reaffirming their status as fan favourites.

The study also revealed that the top three cricketers who have captured the hearts of the IPL audience are MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and Rohit Sharma further cementing their superstar status in the cricket world.

Some of the other key takeaways from the report are:

Information Basis

IPL 2023


Only TV viewership is 33%, Only OTT viewership is 10%, Dual Viewership is at 57%

Feature Recall

Best on TV – example - Super Sixes feature has 59% recall on TV and 54% on OTT

Changes in Viewership

OTT viewership has decreased from 16% to 10% in 2023

Audience Preference

40% of the audience are driven by their favourite player for supporting the team

In-Stadia Property Recall

Player Jersey has captured maximum eyeballs with 64% recall

Brand Recall

Tata has the Highest Sponsor Awareness whereas Dream 11 has the Highest Advertiser Recall

Top Favoured Teams

CSK, Mumbai Indians, and RCB remain the top favoured teams of IPL 2023

Top Players

Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and Rohit Sharma remain the top players of IPL 2023

Program Feature Recall

Super Sixes with 61% recall is the program that has the highest recall among IPL Program features

The report’s insights also revealed the crucial role of in-stadia properties in enhancing the viewership experience. The study found that Player Jersey has captured the maximum eyeballs, with an impressive 64% recall among IPL fans. This indicates the branding potential of in-stadia properties in making a lasting impression on the audience.

Moreover, the IPLomania 2023 study showed an improvement in the brand recall of key sponsors compared to last year, emphasising the growing effectiveness of sponsorships in IPL.

Furthermore, the study identified Super Sixes as the most memorable In-Program feature among IPL Program features, with a remarkable 61% recall rate.

Pramod Pawar, Head - IPLomania Study, Hansa Research, said, "As the Indian Premier League (IPL) continues to grow in popularity and reach, it's critical for brands and teams to stay abreast of the latest viewership trends and insights. Through our syndicated report, we offer a comprehensive analysis of the viewership experience in the IPL ecosystem. Our report not only tracks the following and affinity of IPL teams but also measures the return on investment of sponsorships and assesses the effectiveness of in-stadia and in-program properties. It is a valuable resource for brands and teams looking to make a mark in the world's most exciting cricket league."

IPLomania 2023 provides an in-depth analysis of the key drivers of viewership, helping stakeholders in the IPL ecosystem better understand and cater to their audiences. The report is based on the first three weeks data of IPL.

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