Warc and Master of Advertising Effectiveness join forces

WARC said that the collaboration will enable global expansion of the 6-week online effectiveness course to help more marketers around the world upskill and create more impactful campaigns

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Warc and Master of Advertising Effectiveness join forces

WARC and the Master of Advertising Effectiveness, an online learning programme taught by James Hurman, have entered into a partnership.

WARC said that the collaboration will enable a global expansion of the course to help more marketers around the world upskill and create more impactful campaigns.

The six-week online programme equips marketing and advertising professionals with a complete understanding of the evidence-based principles of advertising effectiveness and how to apply them, to produce advertising with consistently better commercial results.

Paul Coxhill, CEO, WARC, said, “As advocates of effective marketing, we strongly believe that we need to enable marketers - and their partners - to better understand the principles and best practices of effective marketing. By doing this, we will improve the impact of the marketing that our industry creates, thereby better-serving clients and consumers. To help facilitate this, WARC is delighted to partner with James Hurman, who has spent his career championing effectiveness, to extend the footprint of this valuable learning programme globally.”

James Hurman, Founder, Previously Unavailable and Director of the Master of Effectiveness programme, said, “Over the past two decades, our industry has come such a long way in understanding how advertising works, why it works, and how to make it work better. We now have a clear playbook and principles, covering both the logic of things like budgeting and targeting and the magic of creativity and emotion. WARC’s been a huge part of championing those principles, so it’s wonderful to be expanding the Master's programme with them.”

The programme has been created for client-side marketers and agency professionals at all levels of seniority and experience, wanting to better understand and consistently create more effective advertising, said WARC.

It covers nine core modules focusing on the strategic principles of advertising effectiveness, including Investing for Growth, Managing Long and Short, Building Mental Availability and Creative Commitment.

Caroline Hugall, former Group Brand Strategy Director, IAG, said, “The content of this course is insanely valuable. Every marketer needs to do this course as it raises the bar on effectiveness across the board.”

Andreas Mielenhausen, Creative Director at Google, added, “This course is a great tool for any marketer. It’ll help you understand advertising better and, most importantly, help you improve what you are currently doing."

Upon completion of the programme and certification, participants will gain greater confidence, influence and value for planning and decision-making. And more importantly, have the knowledge and ability to create advertising that links with commercial performance.

The next Master of Effectiveness course will start on April 3, 2023. Anyone interested in joining should enquire here.

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