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BBC Studios and Disney+ Hotstar to present Telugu adaptation of British modern comedy ‘Dead Pixels’

BBC Studios India and Tamada Media will co-produce the Telugu version under the same title

Disney+ Hotstar and BBC Studios have announced their upcoming modern comedy ‘Dead Pixels’, the Telugu adaptation of the popular British series under the same title.

The six-part series will be produced by BBC Studios India and Tamada Media, with animation by Keyframe Studios, directed by Aditya Mandala, written by Akshay Poolla and featuring actors Niharika Konidela, Harsha Chemudu, Sai Ronak, Akshay Lagusani and Bhavana Sagi.

Dead Pixels follows the journey of three young friends whose lives revolve around an online video game, with the ultimate goal of defeating a virtual villain. Based in the city of Hyderabad, the show comically depicts their obsession with the game and how it interferes in different aspects of their daily lives.

The group, however, is in for a shock when a new player arrives and upends their dynamics in both the virtual and real world. The stakes are high as online alliances and rivalries are formed that are as potent as the ones in the flesh. 

The show highlights the importance of acceptance and underscores that everyone can form their own community of friends and support systems, rising above their similarities and differences.

Sameer Gogate, General Manager, BBC Studios Production India, shared, “We are excited to partner with Disney+ Hotstar on this young modern comedy. This immersive British format provides an insight into the lives of new age introverts and depicts their relationships and social interactions. We’re also delighted to be working with Tamada Media to produce this series and fulfill the increasing appetite for premium content for our local audience.”

Saideep Reddy Borra and Rahul Tamada, the producers and co-founders of Tamada Media, shared, “We are pleased to partner with BBC Studios India and Disney+ Hotstar to bring an intriguing story, a modern comedy, to our local audience. This adaptation was a fun project to work on and can’t wait to share it with everyone now.”

The original Dead Pixels series was created and written by Jon Brown and directed by Al Campbell with the second series being directed by Jamie Jay Johnson. It was produced for Channel 4’s E4 in the UK, it was produced by Various Artists and is distributed worldwide by BBC Studios.

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