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Meesho announces 11-day ‘Reset and Recharge’ break for employees post festive season

Called ‘Reset and Recharge’, this company-first initiative will allow the employees to completely unplug from work and prioritise their mental well-being after the ongoing busy festive sale period

The e-commerce platform, Meesho has announced an 11-day company-wide break starting from October 22 to November 1, 2022.

The company issued a statement saying that this is the second year in a row that this initiative is being carried out by them which they named ‘Reset and Recharge’.

Vidit Aatrey, Founder and CEO of Meesho, took to LinkedIn to make the announcement. He stated, “Even astronauts need breaks. So do folks working on moonshot missions at Meesho. For the second year in a row, Meeshoites will completely unplug for 11 days (Oct 22-Nov 1) to Reset & Recharge after the busy festive season. While startups are often scrutinised for their unreasonable work culture, we're here to set an example of what can be done right. Work is important, well-being is priceless. #MentalHealth”

Later the company also issued an official blog to elaborate more on this. Through the blog, the company said that the initiative will allow Meeshoites to completely unplug from work and prioritise their mental well-being after the busy festive sale period.

“With a deep focus on the holistic well-being of employees, the move is a reflection of Meesho’s continued commitment towards building a people-centric workplace, one that truly looks after its employees — our greatest asset”, it added.

The blog further noted that at a time when burnout and anxiety have emerged as key concerns for today’s workforce, Reset and Recharge is a way to show a way to other companies to adopt similar employee-first practices.

Meesho had launched other such benefits for their employees by making policies such as a boundaryless workplace model, infinite wellness leave, 30-week gender-neutral parental leave and 30-day gender reassignment leave.

Additionally, the Reset and Recharge policy intensifies the company’s concerted efforts toward creating a dynamic workplace that is built on the pillars of employee flexibility and empowerment, the company said in the blog.

Meanwhile, to enhance the holistic well-being of Meeshoites and their families Meesho also came up with a comprehensive MeeCARE programme that enables employees to balance their professional and personal goals.

According to the blog, this initiative covers a wide gamut of wellness initiatives through a combination of policies, benefits and other interventions.

“Building a great company culture requires one to acknowledge that work-life balance, rest and rejuvenation are key to employee well-being. With Reset and Recharge, we continue to push the envelope and redefine conventional workplace norms. Employees can choose to decompress however they want – whether it’s spending time with near and dear ones, travelling or picking up a new hobby. Such progressive policies have helped augment our employee centricity and industry-leading retention rates,” said Ashish Kumar Singh, Chief Human Resources Officer, Meesho in the blog.


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