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Domino’s celebrates bonds of friendship through #TheLastSlice campaign

The campaign designed and conceptualised by Schbang is live across social media platforms

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Domino’s Pizza has unveiled the #TheLastSlice campaign for Friendship Day celebration.

Domino’s as a brand is synonymous with spending moments of togetherness with friends and family. The ‘last slice’ is associated with something that has to be wrestled over, won, and earned.

Over the years, Domino’s has talked about the magic that happens by sharing the slice of the pizza with someone special. Among friends, stealing the slice or putting one’s case forward to win the last slice is easy. However, things change when it is to be shared with strangers. Domino’s has relooked at the role of #TheLastSlice as an enabler of new friendships among strangers and hence launched this campaign.

The campaign’s premise entails a fun-filled social experiment where three pairs of strangers waiting for a pizza are served with the last slice of pizza. However, despite having different interests, they bond over a single slice with conversations ranging from Bollywood to dialogues from the same TV show. All pairs end up sharing the slice and experience the start of a new friendship.

Sandeep Anand, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Domino’s Pizza India, said, “Pizza is always shareable. It is the perfect glue to bonds of friendship, and there’s no better day to start the ritual of owning ‘Friendship’ than ‘Friendship’s Day’ itself. Domino’s is a brand synonymous with pizza and occasions to celebrate or to have a wonderful time over a meal. A friendship happens and blossoms in different forms. It evolves over a period of time, and what can be a better occasion to start a new friendship over that last envied slice of the pizza? With our #TheLastSlice campaign, we want to make it even more memorable for people coming together to celebrate friendship initiated with the last slice of Domino’s Pizza. Even if they met for the first time.”

The campaign designed and conceptualised by Schbang is live across social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, as part of the larger media plan. 


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