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Blink Digital launches metaverse hospital on Decentraland

The digital agency has enabled Yashoda Hospital Group to leverage the metaverse to allow users to interact with doctors

Blink Digital, the digital agency, collaborated with Yashoda Hospitals Group to acquire a parcel of land and set up an experience zone in Decentraland — a metaverse platform.

Known for enabling brands to venture into the metaverse ecosystem, Blink Digital has enabled Yashoda Hospital to leverage the metaverse to allow users to interact with doctors. The campaign takes place as the Yashoda Group marks 30 years of service in the hospitality sector.  

Yashoda Hospitals intends to offer healthcare services to people in the metaverse in the future. Blink Digital has created each component of the structure, allowing users to virtually experience and learn more about the hospital network and the services it offers.

Amer Ahmad, Director of Technology at Blink Digital, said, “We are overjoyed to be associated with Yashoda hospitals in being India's first healthcare group in the Metaverse and look forward to working with them in their future campaigns. Looking at the growing demand for medical facilities, Blink Digital wanted to dive in and come up with an idea that would be comfortable for both doctors and patients. While the Yashoda team had a clear vision, we assisted them in bringing it into reality by giving it our personal touch.” 

Dr Abhinav Gorukanti, Director of Yashoda Hospitals Group, said, “It has been a great journey with Blink Digital in setting up Yashoda in Decentraland, this is going to be our first step in creating our presence there. We have been the early adopters of digital everything from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, the progress from centralised to decentralised is aligned with this vision. We plan to continue to expand and finance more in building our digital infrastructure to be future-ready.” 

“We believe the future will be driven by numerous technologies like the blockchain and Web 3.0, moving towards a decentralised ecosystem from centralised. Setting up our presence on Decentraland will be our first step towards our efforts and acceptance of decentralised technology, which we plan to continue to upgrade and invest in making our digital infrastructure future-ready,” he added.

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