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Adobe announces Adobe Experience Manager as a cloud service in India

Cloud Service helps businesses manage and deliver customised digital content for every channel with SaaS-like agility

Adobe announced the general availability of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a Cloud Service, powered by Adobe Experience Cloud, in India.

AEM helps businesses accomplish and scale customised digital content for every channel with SaaS-like agility and experience management capabilities that give marketers and developers the flexibility to swiftly build powerful, personalised digital experiences in just a few weeks, not months as is industry standard today.

Since more interactions become digital-first, if not digital only, businesses are having to produce personalized content that is tailored for multiple customers’ individual needs across touchpoints in real-time.

At the same time, businesses must manage massive amounts of content and digital assets across multiple teams and geographies. Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service is a purpose-built experience management application that combines scalable, secure, and agile content management (CMS), digital asset management (DAM), digital signage management, and customer communication management (CCM) applications.

However, the other key benefits of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service includes that it is always current as new experience management abilities are seamlessly validated and made accessible to an organisation’s teams immediately, so the business can focus on innovating instead of planning for version upgrades.

It's also modular, scalable, and global, with architecture designed to auto-scale in seconds, allowing businesses to maintain high performance globally while scaling in response to customer demand. Furthermore, it is secured by default. Enterprise-gradient security with industry-recognized standards ensures that all data and content remains private and secure for businesses.

Vyshak Venugopalan, Director - Solution Consulting, Adobe India, said, “As the events of the past two years accelerated the shift to digital, businesses in India are looking to make the digital economy personal. They want more agility, simplicity and flexibility to digitally transform the customer experience. I'm thrilled about the announcement of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service in India as it will allow businesses to enjoy these benefits so they can expand the types of personalized experiences they provide to customers.”

According to Praveen Shrikhande, Chief Digital and Information Officer, ABFRL, the outcome of early adoption of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service has boosted their ability to create, manage and deliver digital assets and experiences much quicker, across their brands.

Aditee Rele, Director – ISV, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft India, said, “Adobe and Microsoft have been longstanding partners, and we’re excited at the opportunity of delivering joint success to our customers in India with the Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. Delivering application, infrastructure and data modernization journeys across verticals is our top priority and this partnership will allow both Adobe and Microsoft to deliver consistent experiences and accelerate innovation for our customers.”

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