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Zee Biskope launches third season of ‘Talent Camera Action’

The third season will have 3 mega winners, who will get the chance to perform on-stage alongside a Bhojpuri superstar at a televised event of Zee Biskope

Zee Biskope, the Bhojpuri channel, has announced that it is returning with the third edition of Talent Camera Action (TCA). The initiative gives a chance to viewers to showcase their talent.

TCA is a digital talent hunt campaign, and while gratification scaled up between the last two seasons from being featured on Zee Biskope to getting a direct entry into Bhojiwood, the initiative has also evidenced success that came with growing participation by almost 2.5 times.

Both the seasons were appreciated even by the industry diaspora, receiving multiple awards at national and internal forums.

This time Zee Biskope is coming back with TCA in an even bigger avatar. Hosted by popular Bhojpuri celebrities Vikrant Singh and Yamini Singh, the initiative commenced on  June 29 – Camera Day. The third season will span across 3 weeks and will have 3 mega winners who will get an opportunity to perform on-stage with big Bhojpuri stars at a big, televised event of Zee Biskope.

The third season of TCA is an attempt to motivate young viewers to aspire to rise from making short videos to becoming a bigshot. To participate, viewers can record a 1-minute video of their talent in dancing, singing, acting or any other special talent category and send in their entries on Zee Biskope’s Whatsapp number (8291829135) between June 29 and July 13.

The mega winners and special appreciation winners will be announced on July 17 on Zee Biskope’s TV and social platforms. The 3 mega winners will get an opportunity of an on-stage performance with big Bhojpuri stars at a big, televised event of Zee Biskope. They will also receive a trophy and certificate each from the channel.

Apart from this, all 20 winners, including 17 special appreciation winners, will have their talent videos showcased on Zee Biskope’s TV and social platforms.

Samrat Ghosh, Chief Cluster Officer, East, ZEEL, said, “From being a completely novel concept, we’ve made Camera Day earn a special place in the hearts of our audiences who now eagerly await the occasion. Our young viewers are high energy, innovation seeking audience. Initiatives like Talent Camera Action not just gives them a platform to fulfil their aspirations but even provides us with an opportunity to discover fresh talents who can add value to the industry. Bigger and better, this initiative opens up wider integration opportunities for our advertisers too.”

Amarpreet Singh Saini, Chief Channel Officer, Bhojpuri Cluster, ZEEL, said, “Viewers seek more active involvement with entertainment brands today and digital media plays a significant role towards that. It deepens bonding with the brand and eventually impacts content affinity as well. The growth in both participation and telecast day viewership is a glowing testament to the ever-growing popularity of Talent Camera Action. This overwhelming love of our viewers is what drives us to curate and bring meaningful gratifications for our viewers every season and extend our entertainment offering beyond the realm of movies. Raising the bar of entertainment yet another time, we are confident that the third season of Talent Camera Action will prove to be a resounding hit.”

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