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Baggit launches its #ForeverResilient campaign

The campaign strives to strengthen Baggit's true emotional connection with its audience, which has lasted 30 years

Baggit has launched its new brand campaign #ForeverResilient that celebrates ordinary women doing extra ordinary things.

As per the brand, it was quite an anti-category strategy campaign since most fashion brands focus on the usual category codes such as style and trends. But Baggit's new campaign is nothing close to that.

It's not about models wearing trendy, fashionable outfits and showcasing the products. The campaign strives to strengthen Baggit's true emotional connection with its audience, which has lasted 30 years.

"A lot of brands have been eulogising women and talking about women power, gender equality, or women achieving greater things like becoming successful entrepreneurs or climbing an Everest. But Baggit has focused on an innate quality that is an integral part of almost every woman's personality irrespective of her background or profession. It's her sheer Resilience which lets her achieve extraordinary things even in everyday life. We have covered real stories of resilient women. We are simply becoming their spokesperson so that these powerful stories reach maximum people. In today's world where everything is governed by digital and social media, people want to consume authentic and real content,"
Mahuya Chaturvedi, SBU Head, Baggit India

The campaign now features two true stories: a doctor's COVID journey and a banker who has gone above and beyond to assist others. The campaign, which attempts to encourage more women to share their tales, has gotten a huge response.

"Resilience as a concept had a great product and brand connect as well. We looked back at what Baggit had built for its consumers over 30 years. We realised that consumers had immense trust in the brand and the products. They had been using the bags for more than 5-7 years. Our bags have stood the test of time, test of use and were resilient enough to last that long! We always created high quality, tough products that were meant for resilient women. Moreover, as a brand Baggit has also been resilient enough to stick to its Made In India mission despite tough competition from its Chinese counterparts.  We found that 'resilience' had a seamless product- brand-consumer connect. It was the perfect common link," Nina Lekhi, Founder and MD, Baggit India said.

Baggit urges all women to share their Stories of Resilience via the Instagram handle @baggitindia.

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