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Moneycontrol to launch new live show – ‘Markets with Santo & CJ’

Slated to go live on April 11, the show representing new-age as well as experienced investors, will capsulate and share market knowledge in a simplified manner twice every day

Moneycontrol, the digital platform for financial and business-related news and insights, has announced the launch of a new live show – ‘Market with Santo & CJ’.

Starting April 11 onwards, the upcoming offering will be available on MC Live and clarify the many complexities of the market in a comprehensive manner.

Serving as the go to guide to anyone, right from a market newbie to an expert, the show, spanning 15-minutes, aims to grab maximum eyeballs/traffic on the app by being shown at pre-opening and pre-closing hours of the stock exchanges.

Targeting a wider demographic of the new-age investor belonging to the age group 20-50, the creators of the show have specifically bought onboard two contrasting personalities - CJ - a new age investor and Santo – a flag bearer for old school investors as hosts of this unique show.

‘Market With Santo & CJ’ will present audiences with the best of both worlds as the dynamic and risk-taking CJ hailing from the modern school of thought teams up with Santo, an experienced investor who is all about calculated risks.

The show will see the duo, who look, talk and think just like their respective viewer demographic, share their own perspective on the day-to-day market activities as well as simplify all things stock market through their quirky and light-hearted banter.

This 15-minute show would be divided into mini segments of 3-5 minutes, each focusing on the different aspects of the stock market. 

Market Current shall focus on the main headline of the day, while Stock Takes From Santo & CJ, will see a CJ & Santo speak about the 5-top stocks of the day to watch out for and why, followed by Sectorology that will educate viewers on the top sectors to watch out for with the final segment Andar Ki Khabar giving the audience all the gossip about who met who, boardroom insider information, titbits on bankers vacay, investors pulling up founders and much more!   

Binoy Prabhakar, Executive Editor at Moneycontrol, said, “The idea behind launching this show was to dispel the notion that stock market is difficult to understand. The 20-30 age group is gradually taking steps to become more financially secure. On the other hand, the majority of our current users belong to the 30–50-year category and knowing that audiences today are pressed for time, we have adopted a simplified approach enabling them to understand the stock market and become masters of the game.”

Through their first live show, Moneycontrol aims to reach out to both above-mentioned age groups and help them make informed and accurate decisions pertaining to their investments. 

Going forward, the platform looks to see this show grow from the current 15 minute and expand it over the coming months along with featuring more segments and guests.

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