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Medvarsity launches new effectual logo

The new logo is in line with the new brand vision of the platform - ‘Knowledge changes lives’

Medvarsity Online, the healthcare edtech platform, has adopted a new brand identity with the launch of its new logo.

The visual rebranding endeavour retains the earlier elements of the logo, such as the medical cross and the open book, symbolising the synergy between knowledge and healthcare.

However, the new logo is sharper, impactful and has better recall value with deeper and warmer colours and stronger font. It is in line with the new brand vision - ‘knowledge changes lives’.        

With this, Medvarsity aims to connect with its audience on a deeper level by bringing about the promise of reliability and commitment. The brand refresh is the first step towards a long road of expedited growth and opportunities. 

Gerald Jaideep, CEO Medvarsity, said, “Ever since its inception, Medvarsity has been consistent and focused on providing quality healthcare education. Built on a strong foundation, over the years, Medvarsity has maintained its growth trajectory. However, as we move towards our next phase of growth, we’re optimising both our processes and our disposition. To that end, we’re refreshing our brand identity and driving ethos as we accelerate into the future.”

With the unveiling of the new look across platforms, Medvarsity intends to achieve top of mind recall when it comes to aspirants in the healthcare sector.

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