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Lifology in association with Sarvamangala launches ‘The Rescue Code’

The code aims to help preteen gamers suffering from domestic violence seek help from fellow gamers covertly

Lifology, in association with Sarvamangala, has launched a secret code with the aim to save thousands of children from domestic violence.

The campaign is using multiple media channels to create high level of awareness among the gamers’ community worldwide.


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The gaming industry is expected to cross $ 200 billion in the next few years, as per reports.

A large part of this community are children who are hooked on to various multiplayers games through their mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

The pandemic has fuelled this addictiveness even further where children have more online friends than friends in the real world. 

The other fact is, 1 out of 7 children are victims of domestic abuse by their parents and have nowhere to go and seek help. Most of these victims are under constant monitoring and have to suffer in silence.

The gaming world is their space where they interact freely with fellow gamers for hours. A great space to communicate, create a massive level of awareness and also get help to the victims, and that too covertly. 

“Lifology is a guidance platform and is used by millions of students and parents for guidance. We believe that our role as a brand doesn't stop at that, and we have a larger responsibility to play in society. The rescue code is our idea to help thousands of children,” said Praveen Parameswar, CEO - Lifology. 

“It is high time to extend a reliable and approachable supporting arm to children to express their mind and concerns. We see this initiative as a step forward in this dimension,” said Ajayya Kumar, Chief Curator, Sarvamangala.

Yash Kulshresth of ^atom said, "Most kids find online space more interactive and enriching than offline, that has led to the popularity of games like Roblox, COD: Mobile, etc. When it comes to abuse, similar to any domestic abuse, kids are not under constant abuse or captivity. They become victims of the intermittent explosive disorder. Sometimes, it is difficult for them to comprehend, get out of it or find the courage to share, without getting caught by their parents.”

“The Rescue Code is the first step toward providing a solution covertly. Even if it helps one kid, it will be helpful. Right now, there's nothing that helps a kid get out of a situation covertly. The intervention of counsellors and NGOs make the parents think twice before doing any physical harm. We’re glad to have brave partners like Lifology and Sarvamangala who believed in this idea.”


Client: Lifology

CEO: Praveen Parmeswar

Chief Curator: Ajayyakumar

NGO Partner: Sarvamangala

Agency: ^a t o m network

Chief Client Officer: Yash Kulshresth

NCD: Ananda Sen

Creative Team: Anil Nair, Sourabh Dhabai, Sonal Kuthe, S Ravikrishna

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