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11 entries from India shortlisted at New York Festivals 2022 Radio Awards

Entries from 24 countries have been evaluated and shortlists across 14 category groups have been announced

At the New York Festivals 2022 Radio Awards shortlists, India secured 11 slots with ClubFM winning 5 shortlists and India Vision Foundation, Music Broadcast Private Limited and Sri Sri Publications Trust, securing two shortlists each.

Work from India that has been shortlisted:




ClubFM India

ClubFM B88 Egg Day Promo - Best Sound

Craft: Best Sound

ClubFM India

ClubFM B106 Food Day Promo -Public Service Announcement

Promotion Spots, Opens & IDs: Public Service Announcement Promotion

ClubFM India

ClubFM B77 RJ RAFI Morning Show = Best Talk Show Host

On-Air Talent: Best Talk Show Host

ClubFM India

ClubFM b106 Ocean Breaths Promo - public service announcement

Promotion Spots, Opens & IDs: Public Service Announcement Promotion

ClubFM India

ClubFM B73 RJ Achu - Best Radio Personality

On-Air Talent: Best Radio Personality: Local Market

India Vision Foundation

Radio Parvaaz

Documentary: Community Service

India Vision Foundation

Shame to Fame - The astonishing reformation story of Govind Singh

Documentary: Heroes

Music Broadcast Private Limited

Escape from Ukraine

Documentary: Heroes

Music Broadcast Private Limited


NEWS: REPORTS/FEATURES: Best Human-Interest Story

Sri Sri Publications Trust

A Day with Sri Sri

Craft: Best Narration

Sri Sri Publications Trust

The Freedom Marathon

Digital: Best Digital Special Event


The shortlisted entries from across the globe include audiobooks, dramas, documentaries, breaking news coverage, entertainment, and music specials from radio stations, networks, prominent production companies and independent producers.

The United Kingdom led the shortlists with 75 entries being shortlisted followed by the United States with 57, Ireland with 56 and Canada with 35 entries.

Shortlisted global broadcasters include BBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBS News Radio, NBC News, RTÉ Ireland, Deutsche Welle (DW), Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and Mediacorp.

Prominent companies making the shortlist include HarperCollins Publishers, TBI Media, Radio New Zealand, ABC Radio National, Bloomberg, Intelligence Squared US, Lockdown Productions, Fresh Air Productions, SiriusXM, Penguin Random House UK, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Swedish Radio, Unusual Productions, Colorado Public Radio, DCP Entertainment, FM Club, Jazz.FM91, GoLoud, Magnum Opus Broadcasting, Media 24, Radio Free Asia, Radio-Canada, Religion of Sports, Sky News Radio, Sveriges Radio, USG Audio, Virgin Radio UK, and Wondery.

Award-winning entries will be announced during the New York Festivals 2022 Storytellers Gala virtual event on April 26.


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