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mCanvas helps Berger Paints to promote ‘Imperia Breathe Easy’ with a mobile ad campaign

As per the company, the mobile ad has driven 13x higher engagement rate and users are spending over 9 seconds on an average engaging with the ad

mCanvas, the mobile branding solution, has enabled Berger Paints to promote its wood coating product, ‘Imperia Breathe Easy’, with a mobile ad campaign. 

The ad deployed regional targeting to enable the brand to reach users in Kerala. 

The campaign integrated the accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors in the phone. Users were prompted to pan their phone upward to reveal the effects of the product on heritage furniture. By integrating advanced motion sensors in the ad, the ad kept users engaged with the ad narrative, drive brand awareness, and enforce positive product perception and interest.

As per the company, the mobile ad has driven 13x higher engagement rate users are spending over 9 seconds on average, engaging with the ad. 

“We live in a world where users are increasingly becoming self-reliant and more environmentally conscious. We showcased the Imperia Breathe Easy as a convenient and green product that safeguards users’ furniture, home, and environment,” said Sudhir Nair, Senior General Manager - Marketing, Berger Paints India Limited.

Mohit Chablani, Sales Head – South and East, mCanvas, added, “We helped Berger Paints cut through the clutter and directly reach interested market segments with our advanced regional targeting. This approach enabled the brand to build deep connections with users and created a lasting impression.”

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