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Facebook & Instagram the most popular apps utilised by advertisers in 2021: SocialPeta

The SocialPeta white paper also said that the popularity of user-generated content in short video apps will continue in 2022

The top-most social media platforms in terms of being utilised by advertisers are Facebook and Instagram, as per the annual white paper on global mobile marketing released by SocialPeta for 2021. As per it, both these platforms saw a significant number of non-gaming advertisers, with 149.6K advertisements put up on Facebook alone in 2021.

It adds that with more and more mobile apps being developed, the global mobile marketing competition became increasingly difficult. As a result, mobile app companies need to venture into trending marketing strategies, or their competitors will overthrow them.

SocialPeta’s annual white paper on global mobile marketing covers both mobile games and non-game apps. It covers a wide range of topics which can help one in winning over the mobile market, it includes the mobile advertising statistics in 2021, creative trends and tips, and marketing trend predictions.

Some of the key statistical highlights for 2021 as per it are:

Non-game apps: the first decrease of mobile advertisers in the past five years

  • In 2021, there were 190,000 mobile advertisers, an 8.23% decrease from the previous year that had more than 200,000 advertisers. The reason attributed to this decrease was primarily the saturation of the mobile app market, resulting in its first negative value in the past five years.
  • The modern era is about making the most of social media marketing, and global mobile app advertisers realise this. The top-most social media platforms in terms of usage - Facebook and Instagram were the most popular apps utilised by advertisers. Both these platforms saw a significant number of non-gaming advertisers, with 149.6K advertisements put up on Facebook alone in 2021.

Game apps: significant difference in the number of advertisers and creatives

  • There was a significant slowdown in the number of game advertisers in 2021 compared to 2020. SociaPeta recorded a 5% growth rate, in-game advertisers, in 2021 as compared to the 44% growth rate in 2020.
  • The average duration of creatives is 32.5 days, which increased by 87.9% in 2021. The reason for this is that advertising data shows classic materials are more popular in the market.
  • Casual games had the most advertisers, with more than 18k. Also, RPG games had the most significant number of creatives, with a total number of more than 6.6 million.


The 2022 mobile marketing trends as per it are:

  • Popularity of user-generated content in short video apps

Short video apps harness the power of UGC through the voice of people and UGC has become the inspiration for creatives of short-video apps. User-generated, short-form content has found a place in the short video apps market like TikTok. 

  • “Celebrities” Help Boost the Popularity of Mobile Games

Compared to acquiring users through original creatives, it’s more efficient to do that by working with celebrities. The celebrities in the following ads all have lots of loyal fans and hence they have great influence. Moreover, each of them is of a quality fit for the product tonality. As a result, it’s easier to get people to download and play the game. 

  • Advertising creatives are the key to mobile game UA success

It is not easy to produce the best advertising creatives for mobile games. However, the place of these creatives in target markets will be a priority.

  • Marketing Tools Will Help Marketers Get More Opportunities for Their App Growth 

MarTech and Creator's Economies are gold mines for Marketers. According to a statement by Katie Jansen, AppLovin Chief Marketing Officer, marketers' toolboxes have been forever changed and expanded as we emerge from the pandemic and live in a vibrant creator economy world. Consumer behaviours, particularly their use of apps on mobile devices to conveniently conduct and enjoy all aspects of life, coupled with the proliferation of content creation platforms, create more significant opportunities for marketers to more efficiently monetize and market to defined, engaged audiences.

The white paper concludes by saying that, Leading the race is difficult in a market with millions of competitors in the same niche. The competition is increasing every single day and advertisers need to think out of the box to thrive in the industry. Mobile app companies need to become a jack of all trades to prevail in the market - from premium app development to futuristic marketing. Without these up one’s sleeve, it's a quick descent to the bottom for an app that could otherwise become a pioneer of the industry with the right tricks.

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