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Radio stalwarts from across the globe to participate in FAB Talks 3.0 episode

The ‘Radio Worldwide – The way forward’ episode will premiere on February 23, 2022 at 6 pm

The third episode of FAB Market’s webinar series, FAB Talks, will bring together some of the biggest names in radio from around the globe.

The ‘FAB Talks 3.0: Radio Worldwide – The way forward’ episode premiering on February 23, 2022 at 6 pm will involve guests from all over the world from Kenya to Singapore, USA to UAE.

They will cover topics like innovations in radio to its sustainability. There will also be an interactive session with the audience. FAB Talks is an exclusive webinar series organised by FAB Market, a subsidiary of the HT Media group.

No matter the culture nor the context, Radio has been the staple for many years now. Forming the means and information about different places was communicated via a simple frequency accessible in the most remote of areas. As world becomes smaller, and our increasing addiction to visual stimuli, is radio being obsolete?

What is the purpose, status of radio in places other than India? Indians have migrated to places all around the globe. How do they value Indian content? One thing pandemic has managed to achieve, is to push all industries to evolve. Everyone including the audio industry had to change, adapt and grow into the dynamic consumer preferences and the constraint poised to them. How has the industry changed from a programming perspective and sales? 

In the third instalment of the webinar series, FabTalks, speakers will be answering all such queries and cover more topics like how international markets responded to the pandemic, innovation in radio programming, radio’s sustainability and more! 

This episode would resonate with audiences looking to understand the business side of Radio, how international markets function and to keep up with the industry developments.

‘Radio Worldwide’ will be streamed live on Facebook and on the FAB Market website and conducted via Zoom. 

The icons who will be taking part in the third episode are:

Rehmat Hafiz: Program Controller and Radio Presenter, East FM, Kenya

Avanish Mohan: COO and Presenter of Radio Zindagi, USA

Sabita Rajesh: Head of Sales, Fun Asia Network, UAE

Renuka Arora Bhagat: Founder and the Managing Director of Masti Media Network, Singapore

The session will be moderated by Gaurav Sharma, Chief Programming Officer, Radio One, Radio Nasha, and Fever FM, India

The first episode of Fab Talks covered the transformative journey from being just Radio Jockeys to digital creators titled, ‘Face for Radio’. It saw the likes of celebrity radio hosts like RJ Hrishikesh Kannan, RJ Stutee Ghosh and RJ Kay Machado. It was moderated by RJ Rohini Ramnathan.  

Titled ‘Podcast & Curious’, the second episode covered all things podcast from the some of the biggest names in India. It witnessed the presence of Mae Mariyam Thomas of Maed-in-India, Amit Doshi from IVM podcasts, Nikhil Kapoor from Hubhopper and Deepti Ahuja from HT Smartcast.

Early registrants will get a chance to interact directly with the panel in the episode and clear their doubts. The session will take place on Zoom and Facebook live simultaneously. Those interested in registering can reach out on

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