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Havas Group India to flag-off season 2 of its internship programme ‘Havas Spark’

The meticulously designed, intensive six-month programme nurtures bright young minds by providing them practical skills and career development and advancement opportunities

Havas Group India is ready to flag off chapter two of its internship programme Havas Spark. This follows the success of the first season in 2021.

The meticulously designed, intensive six-month internship programme nurtures bright young minds by providing them practical skills and career development and advancement opportunities.

The entire leadership at Havas Group India, along with some of the greatest minds of the industry are deeply committed and invested in the Havas Spark programme.

The second edition of the programme aims to be bigger and better following an outstanding debut in 2021. Last year, Havas Group India had recruited 13 interns through this programme. This year the network aims to scale it up further.

The upcoming six-month programme will involve formal and on-the-job learning opportunities, working on challenging live projects, and a chance to gain full-time employment with Havas Group India, after completion of the programme.

The candidates are shortlisted through a rigorous selection process, following which the shortlisted interns go through personal interviews for the final round. The network then trains these final candidates for six months. As part of their final evaluation, the interns prepare a whitepaper. After the successful completion of the programme, these interns are recruited by the 10 companies (under creative, media and healthcare) of the Havas Group India network, across various functions.

Rana Barua, Group CEO, Havas Group India, said, “It gives me immense joy to announce Havas Spark 2. Effective leadership is not just about building successful businesses, but ensuring a strong future is constructed to carry forward the legacy. What began as a means to introduce fresh talent in our industry has now become a programme that sets an example across the country on identifying, mentoring and nurturing talent."

He added, "An inherent part of our sustainable growth, Havas Spark is an embodiment of our progressiveness and proactiveness. I am confident that each candidate that enters the industry through Havas Spark will be an impactful leader of tomorrow. That we played our part in introducing these fresh, talented minds to our industry is something that all of us at Havas Group India will be proud of, forever."

Vandana Tilwani, CHRO, Havas Group India, said, “Armed with training through the Havas Spark programme, these young millennials get the best exposure to the industry and become well-versed with its way of working. By the time they graduate, we already have a team ready to display their best skills. Our practical and structured approach ensures that the interns become much-sought-after in the industry once they successfully complete the programme. Honing these young minds during the maiden programme has also taught us the value of having the right attitude. The interns of our first batch are now firmly entrenched in the Havas Group India family as management executives, and we can’t wait to meet our new batch and again begin a journey that has been so gratifying."

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