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Dailyhunt & Red FM collaborate to launch short-video news delivery program ‘Vibe Check’

It brings RJs from Red FM to the content repertoire of Dailyhunt to present news in a snackable short-video format

Dailyhunt, the local language content platform, has collaborated with radio network Red FM to launch ‘Vibe Check’. ‘Vibe Check’ brings RJs from Red FM to the content repertoire of Dailyhunt to present news in a snackable short-video format.

Inclusive Divyangjan Entrepreneur Association (IDEA)—an association that works on livelihood opportunities for differently abled individuals has joined this initiative as an inclusion partner to enable the delivery of content to those with speech and hearing disabilities.

Leveraging its rich tech stack to deliver highly personalised content across 15 Indian languages and several genres, Dailyhunt is the first Indian digital platform to have conceptualised delivering news in bite-sized video formats, hence effectively creating and communicating newsworthy content to the users of Bharat.

Taking on an inclusive and humane approach towards content delivery, Dailyhunt brings on-board an interpreter from IDEA who would communicate the news content in Indian sign language, hence co-hosting the program with an anchor reading out the content. This format is witnessing resounding success on the platform, having garnered a total of 20 million views in a span of just seven days since its launch. Packaging news in this short-video format, Vibe Check aims at clearing the clutter that exists in the space of news content.

“We’ve witnessed the power of short-video in its ability to effectively communicate with users within a short span of time. Leveraging this popular format to enable the effective delivery of news, Dailyhunt is excited to be collaborating with Red FM to launch Vibe Check, as we aim at engaging and empowering our users with newsworthy content. As we take on an inclusive approach towards content delivery, we are also glad to have IDEA on board with us as we strive to create content that is more accessible, especially to those with speech and hearing impediments. With RedFM and IDEA, we are set to revolutionise the space of news content as we take on an effective and humane approach,” said Ravanan N, Executive Director, Eterno Infotech.

“We live in a world today that’s driven by technology. From healthcare to education, from entertainment to manufacturing, technology is everywhere. As digital technologies dramatically reshape industry after industry, Red FM yet again enters into one more such Digi-tech. Tech is the future of Content and Innovation. And to build our presence in the space, we are excited to announce our Strategic Alliance with a tech-based conglomerate, with multiple content platforms like Dailyhunt, One India and many other. This is what we call - Hyper digital meets Hyper local. It’s a first-of-its-kind collaboration, with the sole purpose of creating Innovative Content that leads to newer revenue opportunities. One of the flagship initiatives of this collaboration with Dailyhunt is –“Vibe Check”, a short format news bulletin for the speech & hearing impaired. We believe in working in an inclusive way and this is a great start to create content for specially-abled people. Many more such market-firsts are soon to follow in the near future,” said Nisha Narayanan, COO & Director, RED FM

"Inclusive Divyangjan Entrepreneur Association - IDEA is committed to the mission of Making India as Inclusive Capital of the World. Dailyhunt launching this campaign is a milestone towards the Inclusive News and Information movement. IDEA is proud to be an Inclusion Partner with Dailyhunt in this mission to make inclusive media platform," said Mallikarjuna Iytha, Founder and CEO, Inclusive Divyangjan Entrepreneur Association-IDEA.

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