Cheil India's Experience Commerce registered a revenue growth of 30-35% in 2022: Sanjeev Jasani

Speaking to, Sanjeev Jasani, COO, Cheil India, stated that content, technology, data and analytics, media, e-commerce, retail and communication will be the key pillars of Cheil's business strategy in 2023

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Cheil India's Experience Commerce registered a revenue growth of 30-35% in 2022: Sanjeev Jasani

Sanjeev Jasani

Apart from picking up a lot of new businesses, retaining some of the old ones along with the addition of new projects in its kitty, Cheil India and its group company- Experience Commerce have grown pretty decently this year, as per Sanjeev Jasani, COO, Cheil India.

“Overall the agency growth rate has beaten the advertising market growth rate in India and within the group, Experience Commerce has shown the fastest growth, growing at an astounding rate of 30-35% in revenues,” he said.

Commenting as to what were some of the key drivers of Cheil’s growth in 2022, Jasani stated that what has fuelled the agency’s growth massively this year is their internal capability building that has aided clients in scaling along with their ‘Business Connected Agency’ approach.

Upon being questioned as to how he sees Cheil India contribute and rank within the larger group- Cheil Worldwide, Jasani replied that Cheil India is highly imperative within the global Cheil network as it is not just looked at but seen as the shining star within the network.

“We’ve worked hard to make it into the list of top five agencies in the country. But we don’t just want us to be the best in the country, but also within our network. We are not there yet, but we know exactly what we need to fix to achieve our dreams,” he added.

Jasani also went on to emphasise that Cheil India’s business strategy for 2023 would encompass a few key pillars- content, technology, data and analytics, media, e-commerce and retail, along with communication.

 “Each one of these pillars is a specialised unit that grows to become a centre of excellence not just for the Indian market but for the global Cheil Network as well,” he said.

In the views of Jasani, a major challenge faced by almost every brand in a fast-growing competitive market is to stand out amongst the clutter and optimise their budgets to ‘Save More’ and ‘Sell More’.

“Making customer identity the centre of your marketing efforts is critical and will continue to be so even in 2023 and 2024,” he said.

When asked as to what would be some of the trends that he can foresee and embrace in 2023, Jasani stated that primarily the agencies and clients need to prepare themselves for bidding adieu to third-party cookie data and focusing on building infrastructure to capture and analyse first-party data.

He also went on to add that Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) will help brands build more intimate connections with their target consumers, which consequently ends up driving high ad returns.

Additionally, Jasani also pointed out that the rise of Connected TV will also see brands disrupting the entertainment space. 

Commenting as to how the media landscape has changed in the post-pandemic world, Jasani stated that in the current times, marketers are becoming far more data-driven and customer-centric in their approach. While preparing themselves for the impending recession, the biggest challenge for brands will be to sell more and save more, he said.

“Basically, they would want their dollars to be stretched and every cent analysed with data forming the necessary lubricant to make informed and intelligent decisions,” he added.

Jasani also suggested that to achieve the best outcomes from the agency-client relationship,

the agency will need to evolve from being a communication partner to a business partner.

“Clients will become more demanding and will look at effectiveness in everything that the agency produces. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. This elevates the agency's position and forces them to demand more from clients. It’s a unique place to be in and we need to gear up for that,” he concluded.

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