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We have beaten the unfair advantage of competitive landing pages, says Aaj Tak

The channel shares viewership data of big events such as India vs Pakistan match, Mahakal Temple Corridor and solar eclipse establishing its supremacy in breaking news scenario

Aaj Tak on Thursday said it has beaten the unfair advantage of competitive landing pages with a massive spike in its viewership during the recent key events in October, as per the recent BARC report, most importantly being India versus Pakistan T20 World Cup cricket match update, the inauguration of Mahakal Temple Corridor, solar eclipse in addition to others.

“Based on the immense growth in viewership during any important newsworthy happening, it has been firmly established that the audience has always preferred the networks' in-depth reporting above that of other channels,” the channel said in a statement.

“The upward trend of surging viewership and market share remained positive during the solar eclipse (Suryagrahan), as witnessed on October 25, right in midst of Diwali festivities. Aaj Tak ranked Number 1 with the highest AMAs and market share of 19.5 %, the highest amongst other news channels beating No. 2 by a 42% margin. Once more, the audience banked upon only Aaj Tak to determine the right information regarding the timings, effects and spectacles of Suryagrahan,” Aaj Tak said.

“Aaj Tak registered 93% growth during celebration special programming after India beat Pakistan in T20 World Cup. The news coverage of high-intensity sensational match played between India and Pakistan on October 23 once again crossed the mark of 1000 AMA (000’s) in HSM, 15+,” the channel said.

“The above figures establish the fact how much viewers rely on the channel to report on important happenings. The audience again opted for Aaj Tak to watch another significant news event, The Mahakal Temple Corridor's opening by Prime Minister Modi, surging the channel’s viewership growth considerably by over 170%. Aaj Tak led the slot with a comfortable margin,” it said.

“The viewership data is a testament to the channel's commitment to delivering quality news and programming that resonates with viewers. This growth is attributed to the channel's commitment to providing accurate and timely news coverage, as well as its in-depth reporting… Sabse Tez Hamesha,” the channel said.

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