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TV ads rank #1 in conveying a positive impression of brands in APAC: GroupM’s Consumer Eye research

As per the research, TV ads (39%) received equal weightage alongside the recommendations of friends (39%) in 14 APAC markets

TV retains a unique strength in building brand equity in APAC, as ads played on TV ranked at the top for conveying a positive impression of brands, as per research by Consumer Eye, GroupM’s proprietary research.

As per the research, TV ads (39%) received equal weightage alongside the recommendations of friends (39%). 

The past two decades have seen rapid transformations in the media landscape with the number of options available to advertisers increasing significantly. Many of these options offer excellent opportunities for brands to reach audiences with high levels of precision, customisation, and measurability.  

While this transformation is beneficial for many advertisers, TV can sometimes be perceived as yesterday’s advertising medium or one that’s waning in effectiveness. However, GroupM’s Consumer Eye research, shows that this is not the case. TV continues to retain a power that can be leveraged by advertisers.

Additionally, the digital extensions of TV have not only given rise to new ways for people to consume content but also created a myriad of opportunities for brands to engage with audiences through TV. 

More than half of surveyed respondents (60%) agreed that free TV channels make the world a better place. TV remains a very important medium in influencing mindsets and shaping cultural behaviour.

The research further shows that 73% of audiences believe it is a brand’s responsibility to control where their advertising appears. 

45% will have a negative opinion of the brand if it appears next to inappropriate or offensive content. TV is still one of the safest environments that allow for brands to be seen next to premium, high quality content.

The research also shows that customers today are more receptive to personalised ads.

More than half (60%) of surveyed respondents view personalised advertising as helpful.  In order to bring bespoke experiences to television, advertisers and publishers are working with addressable technology to bring even greater precision and effectiveness to TV campaigns.

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