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How HT Media is utilising first-party data to help its advertisers

Mitesh Desai, Head - Agency Partnerships and Sales Excellence at HT Media, explains how first-party data solutions are helping them and their advertisers

Mitesh Desai

With third-party cookies being washed away, advertisers are now realising the importance of utilising first-party data to drive advertising. In this scenario, advertisers are relying on various partnerships as well as focusing on building their own databases. 

HT Media Group is helping its advertisers with first-party data advertising solutions. Mitesh Desai, Head - Agency Partnerships and Sales Excellence at HT Media, explained how the organisation is doing that while speaking at the second edition of the MMA-Data Unplugged event in Mumbai. 

“With the inevitable demise of third-party data, advertisers are looking at large trusted platforms like ours to drive relevance. In the past, we used to leverage third-party data solutions to provide targeting services to our advertisers. However with the demise of third-party data and regulations like The Data Protection Bill, we realise the need to build our own first-party data solution stack,” Desai said. 

According to Desai, advertisers are increasingly asking them for sharper and more defined audience cohorts. “We set out on our first-party journey and built through the CDP route,” he said. 

What is HT Media’s CDP route

Desai said their plan is to further optimise the CDP route by getting the users to reveal more about themselves, create content for specific audience cohorts, drive engagement and form partnerships for second-party data. 

How has it helped HT so far? 

According to Desai, the CDP route has worked wonders for them. “Today almost 66% of our targeted deliveries are happening through our first-party database and it is increasing day by day. We have increased the cohorts we can provide advertisers with. We have built 50+ cohorts and enriched their profiles. Higher targeting has delivered higher CTRs, almost 30% for our audience campaigns as opposed to open targeting options.”

“The CDP route has also enabled us to drive innovations for new products and content. For example, we are leveraging our high-intent entertainment audiences to drive traction for our newly launched OTT Play platform. We are able to charge high CPMs and drive business growth. We are also enabling better campaign pacing and optimisation,” he stated.

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