First India News has successfully put regional news of Rajasthan on national map: Chief Business Officer Manoj Jagyasi

In an interaction with, Jagyasi, Chief Business Officer and Strategic Advisor to the Board, Bharat24 and First India News, speaks about the channels' growth and future plans

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First India News has successfully put regional news of Rajasthan on national map: Chief Business Officer Manoj Jagyasi

Manoj Jagyasi

Launched in 2013, Rajasthan-based First India News has been able to create a space for itself in the Indian news ecosystem with its ability to stay original and accurate in breaking news stories, said Manoj Jagyasi, Chief Business Officer and Strategic Advisor to the board, Bharat24 & First India News.

Jagyasi said that what makes First India News different from others in the market is that while most news broadcasters depend on external news agencies for content, the channel always attempts to source the news stories first-hand through its wide network of reporters who are across the state, be it cities, towns or even villages.

“This allows First India News to broadcast original and different visuals and point-of-view from the rest of the competition channels where their content may appear similar. Our ability to stay original and accurate in #BreakingNews stories sets us apart from the rest,” commented Jagyasi.

As per him, First India News has been consistently performing better than the competition on a weekly basis now. “The channel’s share is greater than both News18 Rajasthan and India News Rajasthan combined (Source: BARC; TG: 15+ All; Mkt: Rajasthan (Urban); Week 45’22; 24 Hrs; Share% of top three channels basis impressions 000’s),” he added.

Stating the reasons for the channel’s success, Jagyasi said, “Our 400+ reporter network allows us to cover the state like no other channel. We have always prioritised the public-interest stories that have a direct impact on people. I confidently say that for regular updates and high-impact news days, viewers tune into First India News for its credible and diverse news content.”

With its breaking insightful breaking news stories, First India news has successfully put the regional news of Rajasthan on the national map, said Jagyasi. Other than breaking news stories, the channel continues to support initiatives and encourage individuals who continue to bring accolades to the state through their exemplary work.

Therefore, the channel has a robust line-up of IPs like, ‘Super Indians Rajasthan’ that recognises and facilitates extraordinary individuals of Rajasthani heritage who are bringing accolades to the state and the nation. 

The channel’s strategy to focus on good quality content has attracted national and Rajasthan-based advertisers to the channel, said Jagyasi. “We offer a wide range of customised media solutions which has increasingly attracted the interest of advertisers and media agencies alike,” stated Jagyasi.  

Earlier in August, the founder of First India News and former IAS officer, Jagdish Chandra forayed into the national news space by launching Bharat24.

Talking about what sets Bharat24 apart from the other national news channels, Jagyasi said, “News is a cluttered space today and creating a differentiated brand identity has become increasingly difficult. Mostly, content on news channels looks similar to each other because they are showcasing the same news stories. It’s the innate ability to swiftly package and present the same news differently and credibly that can set a channel apart.”

“We are fortunate to have an experienced and passionate team of dedicated professionals that helps us produce differentiated content,” he added.

According to Jagyasi, Bharat24 has been able to bring in more than 50 advertisers onboard. He said clients in Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have been very kind to them and now they continue to gather momentum in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Southern markets. 

Speaking about the competition in the news space today, Jagyasi said, “Most national news channels today have become two-state focussed, i.e., Delhi-NCR and UP. We saw the opportunity to be a truly national channel. I always believe that with the right content and revenue strategy, there is always a scope for business, no matter what the competition looks like. The TV business has been witnessing consistent growth and one can follow the same trajectory provided there is intent and will to deliver a truly differentiated product. And we have been doing just that.”

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