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AutumnGrey’s campaign for Luminous shows switching to solar power is a ‘simple’ affair

The “Luminous - Solar ka Simple Solution” campaign films shows the frustrations of the consumer that triggers him to convert to solar, while as a next step it shows how Luminous makes the switch as simple as possible

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Luminous Power Technologies partnered with AutumnGrey to work on the concept of “Luminous - Solar ka Simple Solution” with the aim to propagate the message that making a home or business solar-powered should not be a confusing process

With sustainable living occupying the minds of Indians, many households and businesses are moving towards solar to harness the power of the Sun. However, a major roadblock that people come across is the complexity of adopting solar and the confusion that arises from it.

The approach to the campaign stems from the fact that Luminous provides a complete solution for customers - right from solar components to installation and after-sales service.

The film conveys the frustrations of the consumer that triggers him to convert to solar, while the next step shows how Luminous makes the switch to solar as simple as possible.

Ruchika Gupta, CMO, Luminous Power Technologies, said “At Luminous, we are 100% committed to bringing consumer centricity in everything we do. When it comes to solar, our extensive consumer research showed us clearly that there is a lot of confusion around various aspects of the purchase decision making – enough to deter a large number of customers. 

Hence, we conceived this campaign – Luminous – Solar ka Simple Solution. We intend to reach over nine million consumers across the country with this campaign to strongly drive home this message.”

Swati Balani, Executive Creative Director, said, “One of the biggest roadblocks in people investing in solar energy is the lack of understanding. Because when it comes to choosing the right solar solution, researching itself can get daunting. With this lyrical and humorous campaign, we answer all the questions that pop up in our consumer’s mind and showcase how Luminous offers a simple Solar solution- right from installation to maintenance.”

Sandhya Gurung, Associate Vice-President, AutumnGrey, added, “It gives me great pride to say that we cracked yet another simple but effective communication with Luminous. Solar energy is the need of the hour. However, there is a common misconception that it is high maintenance and a bit exorbitant. Breaking these stereotypes, helping people make the right choice and propelling businesses is what we strive for at AutumnGrey and I believe that this opportunity has brought us one step closer to realizing it.”


Creative Agency: AutumnGrey Bangalore 

Chairperson and Group Chief Executive Officer: Anusha Shetty

MD and Chief Creative Officer: Sandipan Bhattacharyya

Associate Vice-President: Sandhya Gurung

Executive Creative Director: Swati Balani

Sr Design Director: Nidhi Johar

Agency Team: Abhijit Mahida, Mayang Srivastava, Ajendra Kumar Shaw, Pooja Dewanjee, Noopur Singhania

Client Team:
Ruchika Gupta - Chief Marketing Officer
Anisha Bangera, Medha Mehrotra

Client Name: Luminous Power Technologies

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