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Google will soon allow users to personalise their ad experiences

The new privacy tool will be rolled out in a few months and will let users control the ads they see across Google properties like Youtube, Discover feed, etc.

Google has recently announced a new tool that will allow users to personalise their advertising experience on the web to a large extent. People can follow brands and topics they like. They will be able to choose from topics like lifestyle, fitness, food etc. These updates will be a part of ‘My Ads Center’.

These new features will be rolled out by the end of the year but won’t be applied to the entire Google ecosystem including websites. However,  users will be able to control the ads they see across Google properties like Youtube, Discover feed etc.

Meanwhile, you can also unfollow the “sensitive” topics and even some brands to an extent that can be limited hereby, personalising your experience.

According to Google, My Ad Center will let you directly control the data used to personalise your ads. Although they'll still be targeted to you, however, you can whittle the list down to be a little more applicable.

They have also rolled out some more privacy tools like users will be able to easily request the removal of Google Search results containing their personal information like address, contact details etc. Users will also be able to find relevant content about any website with just one tap in the Google App — such as the site description, what they say about themselves and what others say about them.

It must be noted that Google has been actively focusing on the removal of third-party data measuring tools they were earlier used to target consumers.


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