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Prashant Kumar’s ‘Made In Future’ delves into the principles of marketing strategy in the new age

Published by Penguin Random House India, the book delves into the principles and applications of marketing strategy in the new age

Penguin Random House India has published a book titled ‘Made In Future’ that delves into the principles and applications of marketing strategy in the new age.

‘Made In Future’ is authored by Prashant Kumar, the founder of Entropia, a next-gen marketing services company, now part of Accenture.

Earlier, Kumar served as President, Asia world markets, at IPG Mediabrands. He has been on the juries of the prestigious Cannes Lions and Crystal Festival, France, and Lynx Festival, Dubai. In 2019, the International Advertising Association (IAA) recognised him as one of the five digital marketing thought leaders globally. He is an alumnus of St Stephen's College, Delhi, MICA, Ahmedabad and Harvard Business School.

The book seeks to recast marketing from a white sheet, with an incisive view of how vast changes in media, content, influences, and people’s expectations have come together to write a new story of marketing.

It challenges a lot of the accepted wisdom of the past yet is brutal where the hype is ahead of substance. In the process, it offers an alternative journey that is conceptually whole, makes one think and helps to follow it all up with pragmatic decisions.

“Made in Future is a delight to read for its panoramic, original and engaging take on the new marketing landscape. For anyone leading marketing transformation, this is one book that captures it all—data, tech, creativity— and brings it together as one conceptual whole. It’s a must-read,” said Pratik Thakar, Head, Global Creative Strategy and Content, Coca-Cola.

“Prashant has presented a contemporary point of view on media, customer journeys and marketing, using the prism of timeless principles. His ideas are fresh, pragmatic and yet, he has used simple examples from his successful business career. He has studied the subject, considering the areas of creativity, media, strategy, marketing, and the role of marketing in society, looking at the broader sense of purpose. What is particularly refreshing is the approach, which builds on what marketers have known, and adds the perspective of what is emerging. And this is possible because of the significant experience Prashant has had building brands over the years. Practitioners will get something real and tangible, which they can apply to their craft and amplify the impact of their limited resources,” said Vipul Chawla, President, Pizza Hut International.

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