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Whyletz celebrates 11 years of being the Why Not???? company

Beginning as a creative experiment on March 1, 2011 by two brothers in college, the company today is headquartered in Dubai with APAC offices in India

Full-service brand development creative house Whyletz has recently celebrated its 11-year anniversary of being in business.

Beginning as a creative experiment on March 1, 2011 by two brothers in college, Whyletz today is headquartered in Dubai with APAC offices in India.

Co-Founders Ahmad Vaseem and Ahsan Naseef, wanted to bring more meaning to artistic expressions and believed in the importance of strategy behind impactful creative work, from the very beginning.

Whyletz started first as a Brand Identity agency that saw brand development right from its foundations to the final identity deliveries. In its markets, the agency forayed into specific branches of brand identities like Retail Identity, Space Branding and Sensorial Branding.

While traditional brand building remained their key focus, with the rise of digital consumer platforms the agency kept evolving the craft of brand experience for the connected consumer. UI & UX became an important part of their craft of brand experience & identity.

Today, as digital platforms have bred a whole generation with design and motion led interactions, a team of motion design scientists at Whyletz keep experimenting with the art and science behind it. 

“These 11 years have been an evolution for us, not just as a company or brand mavericks, but as people. It’s extremely gratifying to create a brand from scratch and watch it grow in the real world. Whyletz has been a part of more than 400 brand journeys across 16 countries in these 11 years. And we are very proud of the trail that we leave behind. But like a tiny pebble in your shoe; what really used to bug me was how the brands that we deliver in documents, lose so much in translation when they are being interpreted for consumers by other teams. And the main reason for this to happen is that the industry works in silos. Brand Identity agencies, mainline agencies, digital agencies, PR agencies, on-ground agencies. Each time a brand gets interpreted externally; it misses what it was originally destined to be. This little itch led us to make a Why Not???? move. We wanted the brand building assembly-line to do away with the silos. So we transformed ourselves into an edge-to-edge brand development creative house that not just gives birth to brands, it breeds them in real life with strategy led communications, digital existence and experiences. Because Why Not????,” said Ahmad Vaseem.

Vaseem operates out of the agency’s HQ in Dubai and represents India in the Asia Pacific Branding Network with Whyletz. 

“I’ve known and worked with Vaseem and Team Whyletz for about four years now. The genuine passion and commitment they have for creative expressions and brand building is hard to find in the industry’s cosmopolitan milieus. The best part; common-sense, guts and gut-calls are very much a part of their brand culture in these times of data-slavery. Just like the good old non-formulaic advertising. Everything we do at Whyletz is about Strategy, Design & Stories, where we go diving fearless with the Why Not????,” said Omair Siddiqui, Chief Strategy Officer, Whyletz (Global).


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