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Techlutions announces launch of IPL spends effectiveness tracker ‘Score’

As per Techlutions, Score will track IPL spends across 3 modules pre-IPL, During phase, and post IPL

Techlutions has announced the launch of ‘Score’, a truly holistic IPL spends effectiveness tracker.

As per Techlutions, Score will track IPL spends across 3 modules. 

  • Pre IPL – To be conducted a week before IPL start, tracking all brand measures (Awareness, Usage, Consideration, Intention, and Image).  This will serve as a baseline for all the brands. The fieldwork will be conducted via face-to-face interviews.
  • During phase – A daily tracker module using the DAR (Day After Recall) methodology, which will track brands recalled across all avenues (TV Ads and associated spends, Logos on the ground, Jersey logos etc). The fieldwork will be conducted using their pre-recruited in-house panel (respondent panel who have their survey application loaded/registered on their smartphones).
  • Post IPL – To be conducted a week post IPL end, to help brands gauge the uplift in their brand measures as a result of their IPL spends. The fieldwork will be conducted via face-to-face interviews.

Techlutions said Score is generating immense traction with big spenders on IPL and the IPL teams alike, despite this being the study’s first year.  “We have successfully signed up 9 clients for the study already with more than 3 weeks pending prior to the IPL beginning,” said V Sudarshan, CEO, Techlutions. 

He further said, “Score is unique in many ways and has no direct competition. This is truly due to the study’s USPs.

  • Our sampling has a purpose. It is representative of the country’s IPL viewing population. Coverage for each State, from where the team belongs, includes 2 towns across Tier 1 and Tier 2.
  • All brands associated with the IPL are considered and a single measure is designed to be comparable across avenues.
  • Brands advertising on Star Sports/Disney+Hotstar during IPL are not just competing within that space but are also competing with central sponsors like Tata, Unacademy, Cred, Upstox and Swiggy Instamart and individual team sponsors like TVS, Myntra, Muthoot, Slice, JK Laxmi Cement, MPL, JSW, Reliance Jio, EBIX cash and MyCircle. Add to this, there are a lot many brands who are present across avenues.
  • Tracking every brand associated with the IPL is the need of the hour, a mantra which is encapsulated by the Score methodology.”

Some other USPs of the study as per Techlutions, include:

BLI - Brand Leverage Index 

A single index calculated by “SCORE” helps brands to gauge the effectiveness of their IPL spends. Each avenue and each type of brand (big spenders vs low spenders vs sponsors) are analysed separately.

IPL - TV and Logo Adex

Currently TAM Media creates TV adex which is widely used by many brands across medium. Techlutions proposes to create its proprietary IPL TV adex and Brand Visibility Adex using its indigenously created Artificial Intelligence tool “i-Spy”, in partnership with Shvaasa Technology.

TV Adex - Brand Advertised along with variant and duration of the ad

i-Spy - All the logos visible on the screen will be captured as exposure and the duration is calculated by AI to create a TV Adex equivalent duration for every match

The details pertaining to the study are:

  • Score covers 20 markets across 10 states (each state representing a team).
  • Male:Female ratio is 70:30
  • During phase starts from 27th March 2022 (a day after IPL begins) and will be tracked daily.


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