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Sun Pharma forays into nutrition bar segment with launch of Revital NXT

The product is a brand extension of Revital H. It has been launched in two different variants on Amazon and will be available on other e-commerce platforms

Sun Pharma Consumer Healthcare, a division of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, has announced its foray into the nutrition bar segment in India with the launch of Revital NXT. The product is a brand extension of Revital H, a leading health supplement for over three decades.

The product has been launched in two different variants, Revital Energy NXT and Revital Protein NXT.

Revital NXT is India’s first nutrition bar with the goodness of natural ginseng, 16 vitamins and minerals and triple blend protein. The nutrition bar has been launched on Amazon and it will also be made available on other e-commerce platforms. Through this range of protein and energy bars, Revital H aims to give consumers the perks of high-quality protein, from building or maintaining muscle mass to helping satisfy hunger, in an easy, on-the-go option. Powered with natural ginseng, Revital NXT provides an energy boost helping one to power through every task.

Vidhi Shanghvi, Head, Sun Pharma Consumer Healthcare, said, “Revital H has been the bellwether of the nutritional supplement segment, helping consumers live stronger, healthier lives for over three decades. With increasing health-consciousness and active lifestyles, there has been rising demand for on-the-go nutrition. Our newest product — Revital NXT bar, powered with natural ginseng — the same core ingredient that fuels Revital H, helps you stay active and ace life's demands on the go.”

Revital Energy NXT is available in a pack size of 35 grams each in Choco Almond and Yogurt Berry flavours while Revital Protein NXT is available in a pack size of 50 grams each in Choco Almond and Coffee Hazelnut flavours. The product portfolio targets diverse consumer needs around breakfast, snacking and pre/post workouts. Apart from the great nutritional value, all variants of the Revital NXT bar have a unique flavour and delicious taste.

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