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Sonu Sood debuts as news anchor on Good News Today; to host ‘Desh Ki Baat Sunata Hoon’ at 9 pm

The one-hour program will feature latest stories showcasing constructive efforts from across the country and the world

Actor, producer, Philanthropist and Humanitarian Sonu Sood will debut as a TV anchor for India’s latest news channel Good News Today from the stable of India Today Group. India’s poster boy, good samaritan Sonu Sood, will come live at 9 pm every evening as a host of channel’s signature program ‘Desh ki Baat Sunata hoon’.

The one-hour program will feature latest stories showcasing constructive efforts from across the country and the world.

His presence as an anchor consolidates the impressive lineup of programming for India’s latest News channel that aims to shift the focus of news towards constructive and affirmative narratives, India Today Group said in a press statement.

The show will have inspirational stories of human triumph from across the length and breadth of the country. Stories of people, who make our country proud with their struggle, determination and achievement and inspire many others to aim for higher goals.

Sood has been the harbinger of humanitarian goodwill stories during the two years of the Pandemic standing for hope, human triumph and inspiration.

“Good News Today is in keeping with the tradition of innovation and introduction of news products that are in-sync-with-the-present need”, said India Today Group. “The channel intends to shift news presentation from doom and gloom of the world to stories around hope, success and achievements abound. The news channel with an affirmative leaning- Good News Today rests on the motto of “acchi khabar, sacchi khabar”- true stories that foster goodwill and unite audiences in their higher purpose.”

GNT is committed to changing the perspectives by infusing refreshing narratives that allow for a more holistic view of the world, the India Today Group said.

“Sonu Sood has touched humanity with his actions during the pandemic and emerged as a source of positive energy and inspiration. He personifies the intent of our channel – Good News Today. His presence on the channel amalgamates our efforts to bring about more good news and the following smiles. We are excited to present him in his new avatar,” said Kalli Purie, Vice Chairperson, India Today Group.

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