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Divya Bhaskar celebrates its 17 years in Baroda with a ‘special thematic confluence anniversary edition’

The three-day special edition is centred on the topic ‘Pride of Central Gujarat’, the anniversary's combined theme. It is an attempt to demonstrate and showcase the might of Central Gujarat and its attitude to overcoming adversity

To commemorate its 17th year in Baroda, Divya Bhaskar has crafted and presented a special thematic edition 'Baroda Special Edition', which curates and serves a confluence of the past, present, and future to its readers.

Baroda is known for its rich cultural and heritage values and has established itself as Gujarat's professional and cosmopolitan metropolis. Due to its vibrant culture, incredible expansion, and futuristic outlook, it has long been referred to as a ‘City Of Possibilities’.

The three-day special edition is dedicated to the tenacious spirit and contributions of Barodians, who have proven their mettle time and again. The issue features articles regarding Baroda history, current developments, and generous lifestyle, as well as a futuristic Baroda. All three days were centred on the topic "Pride of Central Gujarat", the anniversary's combined theme. It is an attempt to demonstrate and showcase the might of Central Gujarat and their larger-than-life attitude to overcoming adversity.

Sanjeev Chauhan, Business Head, Divya Bhaskar, Gujarat, said, "The Dainik Bhaskar Group is widely regarded for its consistently groundbreaking content, which includes numerous industry-first innovations. We published a series of milestone editions last year and took it a step further this year by publishing a thematic special edition converging on the past, present, and futuristic grandeur of Baroda on the occasion of the city's anniversary, as a befitting tribute to the City of Culture and Heritage. It is heartening to see that advertisers across all sectors enthusiastically embraced the concept and wholeheartedly supported the initiative, while readers deemed it a collectible edition."

Ankur Billore, Regional Head, Central Gujarat Divya Bhaskar, Gujarat, said, “Baroda, popularly known as the City of Endless Possibilities, is Gujarat's commercial, cosmopolitan, and cultural capital. Resonating with the city, a thematic edition was created to commemorate our affiliation with Central Gujarat and the Barodians. Divya Bhaskar has always been on the forefront of innovation, constantly seeking to offer its readers and partners something new. The anniversary issue was very well-appreciated in the market by advertisers with all major categories such as real estate, education, health care, government, FMCG, auto overwhelmingly participated and has helped carve positive sentiments and funnel revenues.”

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