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Dentsu Webchutney and Indian Creative Women launch ‘The Ad Fellows Returnship’, a back-to-work initiative for moms

It is a virtual programme open to creative moms who have been part of the industry previously and are looking for a way to make a comeback. Those selected will undergo a month-long learning experience to ease their way back into the field

Dentsu Webchutney, the digital-led creative agency from the house of dentsu India, has launched a new talent development programme, The Ad Fellows Returnship.

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It is a 30-day back-to-work programme for moms created in partnership with Indian Creative Women, an independent forum working towards furthering diversity in creative teams across the Indian advertising and design industry. The virtual learning programme will begin on July 1 and applications will be open from June 1 till June 10.

The Ad Fellows is Dentsu Webchutney’s way to open up roles in advertising for people who ordinarily don’t think they can make it in the industry. In its new version, the programme is open to creative moms who have been part of the industry previously and are looking for a way to make a comeback. Those selected will undergo a month-long learning experience to ease their way back into the field. Throughout the month, they will be paired with creatives at Dentsu Webchutney and the Indian Creative Women network to equip themselves with what they need to be industry-ready (again).

Given that the very nature of marketing services is changing, the agency has collaborated with Indian Creative Women to develop a new syllabus along with teaching techniques for the programme, with modules on confidence building and digital creative. The programme itself is completely free and those interested can apply through the form available here.

Speaking on the programme, Dentsu Webchutney team said, “We believe in the power of perspectives to make ideas stronger. Diversity in talent will always lead to more diverse work and following up on our success in making advertising open for everyone from Gen Z, to internet obsessives, to people in other industries, we’re excited to take this next step and welcome moms to Dentsu Webchutney. The programme has been chartered by a passionate woman-strong team that believes more mothers need to put their lived experiences on the table. We’ve certainly got a long way to go ourselves but we’re very proud to partner with Indian Creative Women and take this much overdue step forward.”

The team of Indian Creative Women added, “Women face several systemic and structural challenges that get in the way of them growing into senior leadership roles. Our industry isn’t doing enough to retain them, specifically mothers. A woman is still blamed if she quits the industry after becoming a mother. There’s simply no organisational support for her to succeed. Dentsu Webchutney’s The Ad Fellows Returnship is a small step in the right direction and should be a great example of what other agencies can follow. This programme is hugely influenced by Harshada Thakurdesai, a creative mom and Group Creative Director from Team Indian Creative Women.”

It is pertinent to note here that ‘The Ad Fellows Returnship’ marks yet another instance of Dentsu Webchutney pushing the boundaries with its talent programmes and industry-specific courses. In 2020, it was a virtual internship from home for 50 people. In 2019, The Ad Fellows made advertising a career option for chartered accountants and IT professionals, and in 2018, Pause the Resume hired internet natives out of nothing but their browser history. And now, moms can apply for The Ad Fellow Returnship right here.

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