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The growth and inclusion of automation in digital marketing

Marketing automation is a new trend that is profitable, reliable and smartest, writes Dhananjay Arora, CEO, Kwebmaker Digital Agency

Dhananjay Arora

Digital marketing has evolved massively, and at an exceedingly high rate in the last few years. This evolution, not only in India but across the globe, has a lot to contribute to the high rate of adaption within consumers and people at large. As this industry keeps evolving, better and exceptionally applicable advancements keep happening. One of the key aspects of this is automation, and how it’s being incorporated in digital marketing.

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In simple language, automation is any technological advancement which reduces or minimises human effort and time towards simpler rudimentary tasks. Automation is something one witnesses during day-to-day activities or business tasks. To state one such example of the concept of automation that we use in our lives that leads to less human efforts are the bare minimum digital tasks such as searching or downloading of new content, discovering new music, finding a new restaurant, or auto-paying grocery lists, which is now been updated into a more compact science that we now know of as Siri or Alexa.

The same being applied in business terminology, it becomes marketing automation, which basically are tools that help to make marketers more efficient in today's day and age. The main purpose of it all being streamlining lead management and numerous marketing activities to generate better revenue.

Marketing automation has been used widely in global and developed markets like the United States of America being at the top, wherein North America holds the largest market share in the global automation industry. Followed by European and Asian Pacific Markets, which are expected to grow globally in the automation industry. This concept largely uses customer data platform and customer relationship management, which helps integrate automated personalised marketing messages and content in marketing strategies and communications. In short, automation helps in generating valuable leads, building a brand impression, and in effective brand communications.

Ever since the global pandemic started, the digital world has seen a major boon. The industry has helped brands continue business, stay in touch with customers, and even helped them expand and grow with newer opportunities. With this rise, marketing automation is now headed to the top of every marketer’s strategic pyramid. With an unprecedented demand of the digital world, marketers are adopting a more automated approach to pursue their clientele goals as well.

An exemplary use of marketing automation can be seen in the marketing strategy used by Netflix. Netflix is a global leader in over-the-top entertainment platforms with a successful rate of content marketing using digital mediums as their smartest strategy. Customised content carefully selected for each user is what sets Netflix apart from its competition. How is this achieved? With special marketing automation software that is used to analyse and recognise a user's search and watch history to create a custom sophisticated home page for the user.

With specialised training, clear listed objectives, effective planning, and enhanced content, your marketing funnels and brand can be a huge hit. Marketing automation and its potential, capabilities, and beneficial opportunities are only here to grow, making it crucial and exciting to implement in your brand’s marketing plans.

The most important aspect of marketing automation is how a single automation tool can help marketers to simplify and automate client communication by handling complex omni-channel strategies for marketing. Marketing tools such as Hubspot assist digital marketers improve in areas such as marketing ROI, relationship marketing, lead generation, segmentation and more.

The future of digital marketing is automation and I say this considering the staggering difference that this method is going to have on the industry. From reduced staffing costs to reduced manual tasks that will lead to more room for creativity and help boost effectiveness, marketing automation is the new trend, and a profitable, reliable, and smartest one at that.

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