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On its first anniversary, Mitron launches Mitron Club, Mitron Academy and Mitron On-Demand

The new initiatives from the short-video app will help in creating engagement between creators and users

Short-video app Mitron has completed one year of successfully providing entertainment to Indians. Mitron enables citizens to showcase their talent and share views and opinions freely in short videos.

In a span of one year, Mitron TV has seen over 50+ million downloads on Google Play Store. After the success of its one-year journey, the app is  bringing in new initiatives on the platform such as Mitron Club, Mitron Academy and Mitron On-Demand, helping to create engagement and excitement between creators and users.

In line with Mitron TV’s vision of creating micro-entrepreneurs, the Mitron Club service offering sees the short-format video app going in for monetisation. Through the Club, the app gives creators an opportunity to create engaging content exclusively for users opting for the service. The Club members can directly connect with their favourite creators and request to create content that they would like to view. The platform supports and encourages creators to create content and monetise their talent by reaching a larger audience.

Mitron TV is also introducing two more initiatives, Mitron Academy and Mitron On-Demand. Through Mitron Academy, creators get an opportunity to share educational videos to help users learn from the platform. With Mitron On-Demand, users will be able to place requests for on-demand content such as astrology reading, song dedication, tips and hacks, birthday wishes, among others.

Mitron TV has advanced its technology and aims to offer users and creators a friendly interface. The app has introduced technological initiatives that will help improve the user interface.

  • Recommendation engine: This feature will allow a creator’s video to garner more views and automatically boost the videos on the basis of its performance. The For-You section on the feed makes sure that a user sees what they like.
  • Editor tool: This new feature helps remove creators’ dependency to log on to other video editor apps to edit their content. The tool supports unique features like PIP, sound modulations, transitions along with effects, filters, stickers, amongst others.
  • Rendering and video quality: Improved the video compression and rendering capabilities, as a result of which less than 5% of its users suffer from the issue of video buffering.
Shivank Agarwal

Shivank Agarwal, CEO and Co-Founder, Mitron TV, said, “Since the launch of Mitron, the Indian audience has been extremely receptive towards the platform. We have observed a 2X increase in the interaction on our platform through likes and follow and approx. 3X increase through comments.”

He said, “Mitron stands for compelling and versatile content with a major focus on infotainment and edutainment. With short-format content growing in the country, our vision is to connect with the heartland of India and provide them with a platform that is beyond entertainment. Our goal for the next six months is to add 100mn (overall) users to the platform.”

Anish Khandelwal

Anish Khandelwal, CTO and Co-Founder, Mitron TV, said, “The past year has been a roller-coaster ride for us, and we are truly grateful for the love shown by the Indian audience. Mitron has only grown upwards. We have evolved right from technological advancements to adding multiple features to our platform. Mitron TV users have started spending more time on the app, and the average session duration per user is approx. 10 minutes. After completing one year, we are now venturing into monetisation through which we aim to provide our creators with a platform that allows them to monetise their talent and become entrepreneurs. We aim to take Mitron to the hinterlands of India and build a deeper connection with our audience.”

Mitron TV is aggressively looking to grow its presence across India and has set up a goal to add more creators, users, and content partners. The app is steadfast in its belief that an Indian audience should be served by a home-grown app, with data firmly secured on Indian servers.

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