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Great Learning launches new logo reinforcing brand’s ‘Power Ahead' positioning

The arrow in the 'G' is a key visual element and symbolises the upward journey of steady growth

Great Learning, the EdTech company for higher and professional education, has launched its new logo which represents its core philosophy of ‘guided growth’ for its learners so that they are able to power ahead in their careers.

In the past seven years, from the time of inception, the brand has been working towards empowering learners to accelerate their careers through high-quality education, personalised mentorship and career support. Over the years, the brand has been successful in creating awareness about the importance of lifelong learning for sustained career success among its learners. Through this new logo, the brand reinforces its promise of guided growth, which is the foundation of its mentored learning approach.

The new logo created by the Great Learning in-house design team is sleek, modern and vibrant. The arrow in the 'G' is a key visual element and symbolises the upward journey of steady growth. The sharp contours of the icon ‘G’ blend with the rounded typeface for the lettering to bring alive what the brand stands for -  a potent combination of cutting edge skills delivered via a supportive and inviting learning experience.

Mohan Lakhamraju, CEO, Great Learning, said, “Our experience has shown that mentorship and guidance are pivotal to the success of an individual’s learning journey. It is this personalised attention and mentorship that has differentiated Great Learning and helped establish it as the most trusted edtech company in our space and enabled us to positively impact the careers and lives of our learners. Our new logo represents our continued commitment to helping our learners power ahead in their careers through our guided learning approach."

As a part of the logo launch, the brand also released a short video highlighting the brand philosophy of mentored learning, and the impact created since the company’s inception.

The launch video -

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