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Haldiram’s brings health foods company FutureLife to India, launches range of four products

The products are Smart Foods, Smart Oats and Ancient Grains, Crunchy Granola and High Protein. In the first phase, the products will be available across Delhi-NCR, Haryana, Punjab, UP and Himachal and at Haldiram’s retail outlets or online

Food and beverage company Haldiram's has partnered with nutritional food brand FutureLife to bring its products to the Indian market.

The two companies have announced the launch of a range of four products; Smart Foods, Smart Oats and Ancient Grains, Crunchy Granola and High Protein.

Haldiram's is committed to be part of an increasing trend of being seen across urban India as part of better eating habits, reflecting a marked shift towards the consumption of healthier food and beverages. Given its varied portfolio that blends high quality, nutritious and tasty food products, FutureLife emerged as the partner-of-choice for Haldiram's in India.

Futurelife Smart Foods is a scientifically formulated high-protein, family meal or drink that combines 15 vitamins and minerals, 19 amino acids, omega 3, inulin (prebiotic) and selenium. It is also high in dietary fibre and can be enjoyed as a meal, shake or smoothie at any time of the day. It requires no cooking and can be enjoyed instantly by adding milk or water. It can be used by the whole family; from active kids, the elderly, busy executives, sportsmen, immune-compromised, gluten-intolerant and vegetarians. Available in two flavours, Chocolate and Vanilla, it is priced at Rs 300 for a 500g pack and Rs 25 for a 50g sachet.

FutureLife Smart Oats and Ancient Grains is a scientifically formulated blend of five whole grains, including steel cut oats and ancient grains. Each grain is carefully prepared to retain its whole grain properties, providing a source of protein and beta glucan fibres. Smart Oats includes benefits from oats, sorghum, maize, quinoa and rice along with nine added key minerals, perfect for the whole family. It can be enjoyed in just a minute by adding boiling water or milk. Smart Oats and Ancient Grains can be consumed by the entire family right from active kids, the elderly, sportsmen, busy executives and vegetarians. It comes in two flavours, chocolate and original version with no flavour added, and is priced at Rs 270 for a 500g pack and Rs 20 for a 50g sachet. 

FutureLife Crunchy Granola is made up of delicious honey or chocolate flavoured clusters of rolled oats, and crispy puffed rice. FutureLife Crunchy Granola is a high in fibre, a source of protein and energy. Enjoy these golden delicious clusters with milk, yoghurt, add to a smoothie or enjoy on the go as a crunchy snack. It is available in two flavours, honey flavour and chocolate. It is priced at Rs 325 for a 425g pack.

FutureLife High Protein Smart food is a scientifically formulated high protein, high fibre food that combines 15 vitamins and minerals, 19 amino acids, SmartProtein3D and Inulin (prebiotic).

It can be enjoyed as a meal, shake or smoothie at breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. It can be mixed with just water or milk and requires no cooking. Available in vanilla and chocolate, it is priced at Rs 465 for a 500g pack. 

In the first phase of the launch, the products will be available across key states, Delhi-NCR, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Consumers will be able to buy the products from Haldiram’s retail outlets or order online on Amazon, Big Bazaar, Flipkart, Milk Basket, Big Basket and Grofers. 

A.K. Tyagi, Executive Director, Haldiram’s, said, “At Haldiram’s, we are not only seeing an increasing consumer preference in India for health foods but also a growing inclination to try new, non-traditional food products. We are equally excited about our partnership with Futurelife and are eagerly looking forward to retailing their products across our retail stores across North India.”

Mark Bunn, Managing Director of FutureLife, said, “We are very excited to be entering India – a new market for us and an important global economy. World over, we are seeing an increasing preference for health foods as consumers focus more on their health and nutritional requirements. The global work-from-home phenomenon due to the pandemic has further increased the demand for such products. We are witnessing similar trends in India and see this as an important market that would be, we believe, very receptive to our range of products. We have partnered with Haldiram’s, a well-known and iconic Indian brand in this endeavour. We are looking forward to tapping into their retail network across north India and leverage their consumer understanding, which we believe will accelerate our ability to penetrate the market better.”


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