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Eureka Forbes undertakes a visual overhaul exercise along with a refreshed identity for Aquaguard

The brand re-haul comprised multiple teams from Eureka Forbes, Aquaguard and other agency partners. Bombay Design Centre helped the new visual identity come alive for both iconic brands

Eureka Forbes recently undertook a visual identity overhaul exercise that also included a refreshed identity for its flagship water purifier brand Aquaguard. With this initiative, the three-decade-old brand aims to carve a niche into new-age consumers’ lives and households.

The brand re-haul comprised multiple teams from Eureka Forbes, Aquaguard and other agency partners. Bombay Design Centre played a crucial role in both brands’ design journey, helping the new visual identity come alive for both iconic brands.

Aquaguard looked to make a seamless brand transition into a new, digital era while keeping its rich, decades-old legacy alive. Bombay Design Centre saw this as the perfect opportunity to leverage consumers’ age-old association with Aquaguard and drinking water, conceptualising a water droplet as the key element that holds together consumers’ brand association and modern values in an uncomplicated manner. Bombay Design Centre created a logo with a hidden meaning using a customised typeface that imaginatively embeds the droplet into the brand name.

Eureka Forbes’ inspiration of the new identity is the pursuit of thriving in challenging times and leaving behind footprints of a positive difference. This spirit has resulted in a symbol, which is the combination of ‘Positive’ and ‘Symbol’. Posibol is a symbol of moving forward and upward with focus on being ready for tomorrow.        

Shashank Sinha

Shashank Sinha, Chief Transformation Officer, Eureka Forbes, said, “We are committed to our consumers’ health and wholesome lives. Eureka Forbes constantly believes in reinventing itself with the times, and believes the same for all its brands. The foundation of our brand is to use technological-based innovations to improve lives. The new brand identity needed to bring out our progress in a way that fits the modern context. Bombay Design Centre understood this and crafted an identity that reflects the modern consumer’s lifestyle perfectly.”

Sameer Wanchoo

Sameer Wanchoo, CMO, Eureka Forbes, said, “We were looking at Eureka Forbes’ and Aquaguard’s new visual identities as a way to communicate the technological advancements our products have brought to the modern consumer. Aquaguard has gone from strength to strength over each decade, and the identity needed to reflect this natural progression. Bombay Design Centre really understood our challenge and helped us create a new look that is modern and edgy, yet simple and minimal.”

Ankur Rander

Ankur Rander, CEO, Bombay Design Centre, said, “Rehauling a large brand’s identity is a bigger challenge than it was a few years ago, thanks to the sheer number of touchpoints the brand will be visible in. And the brand needs to look perfect on each. A market leader’s identity re-haul is always interesting, especially when the brands are Eureka Forbes and Aquaguard – a household name for years now. Our work gives the brand a unique identity, yet retains all that’s familiar about it through the years. We wanted to infuse freshness into the brand’s image without losing the essence of its legacy. Eureka Forbes and Aquaguard are constantly evolving, and we believe we have portrayed this evolution successfully.”


Client: Eureka Forbes

Chief Transformation Officer: Shashank Sinha

Chief Marketing Officer: Sameer Wanchoo

Design Director: Ankur Rander

Head of Business: Siddhesh Pednekar

Sr. Designer: Shushank Suratkal

Sr. Designer: Nidhin Nair

Sr. Content Designer: Parth Mistry

Designer: Chaitra Poojary

Account Manager: Sneha Bose


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