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Zee5 Intelligence Monitor will offer increased value and differentiation to our advertisers: Rajiv Bakshi of ZEEL

In an interaction with, Rajiv Bakshi, COO, Revenue, ZEEL, talks about Zee5’s new initiative and how brands can implement its findings

Rajiv Bakshi

Zee5 has launched a fortnightly knowledge series, titled Zee5 Intelligence Monitor’, that studies its audience, their consumption patterns, and the latest trends, among others for the benefit of the advertisers.

An extensive study on the EdTech sector was carried out for the first edition of the series.

As per its findings, 46% of parents accessed e-learning portals during the lockdown, and 63% of parents chose to invest in learning, and consider pricing to be a secondary factor while making their final choice. It also states that 55% of parents under the age of 35 consider e-learning modules to be an important factor in addition to school learning, while 40% of parents think that online learning can be an extension of physical classes. 

It also revealed that 47% of parents think that e-learning has amplified their kids’ academic progress. 

Rajiv Bakshi, COO, Revenue, ZEEL, said, “With the Zee5 Intelligence Monitor we intend to deep dive into the ever-evolving consumer behaviour and to bring actionable business insights for advertisers across various industries.”

“The purpose behind this was to offer the clients an increased value and offer them some differentiation when they work with Zee5. Besides advanced tech, analytics, targeting ability, and the advertising options we have, we felt that we could add one more weapon to the armoury. Nothing better than and bigger than getting insights about their audience, their customers as to how they're behaving, trending, shopping, and the consumption patterns that we envisage from their behaviours for the future,” he added.

Bakshi further said that the Intelligence Monitor will prove to be meaningful for the advertisers and will give them a better sense of the transformation that is occurring in terms of how the consumers today prioritize their resources, time, finances differently. 

According to him, advertisers can analyse these reports to better understand Zee5’s consumers and bring them to their side. “So far, we have done studies on EdTech, e-commerce, e-gaming, cryptocurrency, and auto. We have commissioned and finished five studies and are doing this once a fortnight or a month depending on the demand of the category. However, we already have five studies done and the findings are remarkable,” he stated. 

Bakshi said that being a marketer for the better part of his life makes it easier for him to understand the pain points and delight points which other marketers look out for. Apart from efficiency and targeting, marketers also want insights about what is happening in India from their media partners. 

“Such studies may be difficult to replicate by your own research because they are very expensive and take a lot of time. So, if your media partner is also your market pulse, because our content is consumed by millions, it's a very unique offering,” he added. 

The studies are conducted across 300 cities in India, while the cohorts like gender, age, demographic, keep changing depending on the category.

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