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There’ll be more focus on performance measurements in 2022: Ketan Desai of Grey Group India

Desai spoke about the agency’s business strategy and his expectations for 2022

Ketan Desai

In January 2020, Grey and Autumn Grey were merged and they announced a new market structure and strategy for India. However, the Covid-19 pandemic struck soon after. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, it has helped Grey Group hasten its integration process, said Ketan Desai, Chief Operating Officer, Grey Group India. 

According to Desai, 2021 has been a terrific year for them comparatively, as they have been able to stay on course with regard to integration and the bottom line. 

“In terms of business, we have met at least 95% of the targets and goals we had set for ourselves. We were better prepared for eventualities, a few projects got pushed but there was no panic from our end. We concentrated on bringing in new clients during the second wave,” Desai said.  

Desai is optimistic about 2022 and is also very optimistic about business coming back to normal levels. He also sees growth occurring over 2019 and 2020 levels. He added that they will continue to build further from what they have accumulated so far and also want to double their profits. “We will be able to do that because we have a healthy and robust pipeline which we aim to close by the first quarter of next year.” 

The agency will focus on driving continuous integration, hiring the right talent, and driving value for clients. The agency will surely grow if they deliver in these areas, Desai said. 

AI and ML solutions in advertising gained momentum throughout the pandemic. With the acquisition of Autumn Grey, the group has been lucky as the newly acquired agency came with expertise in these areas. They are now focusing on growing these teams. During the pandemic, they further scaled themselves with workshops to upskill themselves on things like salesforce, e-commerce, and tech. 

Speaking about what trends will be seen in the advertising industry, Desai said, “We will certainly see more sync between digital and mainline. More focus on performance measurements. The use of tech will become integral to drive value to the end consumer.”

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